Top 3 Discounted Picks on Blackview 7th Anniversary That You Don’t Want to Miss


Chinese leading rugged phone maker, Blackview keeps coming up with amazing rugged phones from time to time to give its loyal users something to cheer about. This year is Blackview’s 7th anniversary and they’ve launched a grand celebration to thank its customers for 7 years of togetherness. A few days ago, they had an exciting lucky draw as a warm-up activity. If you missed it, now grab the chance to join the Flash Deals to get you some nice phones. Before you head for it, let’s check some best deals out.

Blackview BV9900

$429.99, 14% off

If you’ve already decided to switch to a rugged phone, and don’t want to make compromises on appearance and performance, Blackview BV9900 would be your go-to choice. With 1.5m drop/shock resistance and an IP68 & IP69K water-and-dust-proof rating, it stays slim and decent. Equipped with Sony® 48MP ultra-clear & 120° ultra-wide-angle quad camera, the photography result can be impressive. It’s also quite the performer, with a potent MediaTek Helio P90 AI processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of UFS 2.1 ROM. What’s more, this device comes with a feature that no other phones on the market offer – IceMode. In this setting, the user can still use Phone, Message, Contacts, Camera 4 basic phone functions even when the temperature reaches as low as -30℃. Whether you live in an extremely cold area, or you’re into climbing great mountains, this phone can be your trusted tool.

Buy Blackview BV9900 

Blackview BV9800 Pro

$419.99, 16% off

When thermal imaging cameras were first introduced, they were massively expensive, big, and required training to use. Blackview BV9800 Pro is a 6.3-inch rugged phone in your pocket, combined with a thermal imaging camera that lets you see in the dark and measure heat. And it’s incredibly cost-effective in this Flash Deals costing you only $419.99. Whether you’re inspecting electrical panels, looking for HVAC problems, or finding leaking pipes, the BV9800 Pro is a tool no serious professionals should be without. In addition, the phone has a Sony® 48MP camera for ultra-clear normal photos, 6580mAh battery for extended use.

Buy Blackview BV9800 Pro

Blackview A60

$59.99, 23% off

If you’re looking for a budget phone then Blackview A60 can definitely help. Priced at a 23% off the discounted price, $59.99, that doesn’t necessarily mean a bad phone as it has good build quality, decent performance, 13MP dual rear camera competitive cameras, 4080mAh big battery and more, all without costing too much.

Buy Blackview A60

If you’re interested in any phones in this Flash Deals, Blackview has another huge surprise for you. They give away a Blackview X1 Smart Watch (new release), a Blackview A10 phone, a pair of Bluetooth earphones every day until the Flash Deals ends (Mar.15 PST) for 3 buyers who spends the most in the day. Now lose no time to shop now.

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