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Gaming has become more advanced day by day with better content, excellent graphics, great sounds, and more intuitive controls. Strategy games are games that require your thinking ability and they help to build your mental power.

The iPhone is a high-end device that boasts of powerful hardware to handle even the most advanced strategy game. You won’t experience any lag playing these games with an iPhone. Get mentally alert with the 7 strategy games listed here…

7 Best Strategy Games for iOS

1. XCOM: Enemy Within

This game has you going into research to find out the latest alien technology so you can enhance operatives abilities. This version of the game is the standalone expansion of 2012 Enemy Unknown. You’ll enjoy the great content as you get your hands on its core gameplay.


2. Faster than Light

You get the feel of a rogue kind of game. It’s a game with random adventure. With this, you are presented with different ways by which you can play it that you stay glued to your screen all day and even at nights.


3. Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush combines attack and defense to produce a rich strategy game. You are required to use your towers to resist attack from enemies. If you want to survive in the battle, your armory needs to be upgraded with different arsenals. It gives you that exciting and fun experience.


4. Art of War

This game packs a nice intro video for you to be acquainted with it. The game features a beautiful design of the characters and it is loaded with optimum value. The game operates a PVP type of strategy game and this mode of the game has you commanding characters called units, while you try to survive from enemies forces.


5. Empire

Empire is a game in which you develop and expand your empire up till the end. It is easy to learn and quick to play. You get a new challenge after every completed one. Every new challenge has new tactics that come with it. The game overall can seem difficult to master but its fun.


6. Civilizations VI

You get in one package of Civilizations VI, nice gameplay made up of intuitive control and depth that can keep you playing for days. It mixes strategy with fun.


7. Heroes Tactics

You are to take over new territories by strengthening your attack in this interactive turn-based strategy. Do this by adding weapons, armors, and magical instruments in your arsenal. Use your weapons to get your warriors on a journey where Princess Loralyn is to be saved and evil Loralyn killed.


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