The TCL Rollable Display Opens Up New Perspectives


With the confirmation of tons of rumors, today, the TCL rollable display was presented, an innovative solution that opens new scenarios.

TCL rollable display, the release

TCL Communication presents the latest innovations of the company in terms of the display with

the first smartphone concept with an extendable screen in the world and a new tablet with trifold folding.

Both products are the embodiment of the latest innovations in the field of flexible and dynamic screens. They are part of the vast development program that takes advantage of the brand’s experience in display production together with TCL-CSOT, and which now includes more than three dozen different product designs.

“With these latest devices, TCL has clearly shown that there is still a lot of room for new ideas when it comes to developing flexible and foldable displays, and it is essential for us to think outside the box and drive innovation,” he said. said Shane Lee, General Manager, TCL Communication Global Product Center.

“These new form factors leverage existing screen and hinge technologies within our integrated ecosystem, allowing us to re-imagine the future of mobile devices pursued through an aggressive and challenging research and development program.”

In addition to folding devices, TCL has identified other ways to take advantage of the flexible AMOLED display technology with the development of the very first concept of a smartphone with a roll-up and extendable screen in the world.


With only 9 mm thickness, this device re-imagines the standard design of smartphones, integrating a rollable AMOLED display and internal motors to extend the screen from 6.75 to 7.8 inches with a simple button.

This allows for a completely new user experience and an improvement of the TCL custom multitasking user interface.

Thanks to a wider axis and rollable display, the device does not have the grooves or creases that are commonly found in folding AMOLEDs. When not in use, a motorized sliding panel uses advanced mechanics to hide the flexible display.

The 3-sided tablet

While much of the development of folding displays has recently focused on smartphones, TCL believes that this technology can be leveraged for an even bigger on-screen experience, which is why the company introduced the new trifold tablet concept, leading a new category of products under development.


This prototype uses both the company’s hinge technologies – DragonHinge and ButterflyHinge – to fold a 10-inch display into a 6.65 device with a 20.8- 9 ratio and 3K resolution.

It is the first tablet that uses double hinges to obtain this type of design and ensures a fluid fold inwards and outwards occupying a minimum space, in addition to presenting an extraordinary multidimensional shine with a 3D holographic finish.

At the moment, no further details on the prices or availability of these two devices have been released.

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