The best websites for viewing movie trailers in 2022

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Not only are the movie trailers great to check out the feel of a movie before watching it, but many trailers have also become events of absolute value that are able to keep anyone speechless. The following websites that we will now see allow you to watch movie trailers for all types of movies, for free without paying a penny. You are ready? Let’s begin.

Trailer Addict- the best for everyone

Traileraddict hosts movie trailers for upcoming films, just out and old. The navigation banner at the top of the page allows you to view the trailers of the best movies, coming soon and now available. You can also click on the “Trailer” link to view a chronological list of trailers or the “Categories” link to browse the trailers in a noticeable collection of categories. You can also search for any movie by title or keywords.


In addition to the many trailers that are on the site, the interesting thing about Traileraddict is that, apart from the main trailer, the page of each film also provides links to trailers and additional TV spots, as well as additional information about the film. You can read a summary of the plot, funny facts about the movie, see some screenshots and find information about the cast and crew.

iTunes Movie Trailers- great for a quick overview of new releases

Not many people know that Apple hosts a ton of movie trailers on their website. On the Apple Trailers page you will find trailers for upcoming movies and just released. If you want more, you can search for trailers using movie names, cast names and even the director. Clicking on a trailer link will take you to a dedicated trailer page where you will see all the trailers listed for the movie. You can click on one of them to start playing the trailer. The site does not offer many options; you can only adjust the volume, change the quality or go to full screen.

It’s a great site to quickly find trailers for new and relatively recent movies (the last four years or so, at least for bigger titles), but you will not find any trailer for older or lesser-known movies.

YouTube- good for finding specific titles

YouTube is the most famous video site in the world and a great place to watch movie trailers. You can safely search for the title plus the word “trailer” for most movies and find official trailers published by the studios for not only new but also older films.


YouTube is great for finding specific trailers, but it’s not so useful if you’re not really sure what you’re looking for and you just want a quick way to see a group of movie trailers coming out. You will have to do a little research but nothing complicated. Most major studios have official YouTube channels where official trailers can be found, and some third-party channels offer trailers for older or lesser-known films.

ComingSoon Trailers- good for trailers and movie news

Coming Soon is a movie gossip, news and information portal and also has a dedicated section for movie trailers. Usually, websites that have only trailers do not report anything on the film until the trailer is published, but Comingsoon collects all information (confirmed and noisy) for publication on their website.


In addition to the movie trailer, you will also find official posters, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with staff and other information. If you follow the series of games or Netflix, you will have even more fun with Comingsoon, since they also cover those on their website.

Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB- Okay, if you already use those sites

The famous movie reviews website and the inventor of the Tomatometer has a section dedicated to movie trailers in which you can watch the movie trailers for movies coming out at the cinema with the utmost attention. The trailers are hosted by Rotten Tomatoes and the streaming is broadcast in high quality. However, there is no dedicated search or categorization feature for the movies which makes it extremely difficult to find and retrieve the right trailer. However, if you find the right information about movies from Rotten Tomatoes, you can also check the trailers directly from the site.


MDb, one of the best companies in the industry, has one of the largest movie databases in the world. It also boasts a section on their trailer website, and is updated as new trailers come out. There’s nothing special about watching the trailers on IMDB, but just like with Rotten Tomatoes, if you’ve come to the site via a web search for a movie or you’re just an active member, you could also take advantage of a lot of features.