The best sites for watching movies online in 2022

Note: This post is for educational purposes only. TechReen do not recommend or support website(s) that host(s) copyrighted materials; using such sites is at users' risk and may be illegal.


In the age of internet and social media where everything is shared and shareable, the movies and TV series that are passionate about us cannot be left out of the game. Who has not given up on going out at least one Saturday night to stay at home watching a movie or even entire seasons of our favorite TV series ?. Thanks to the birth of new upload sites and faster connections, in the last few years thousands of sites have been created to watch films on the internet, which we can still distinguish in two categories – free but with illegal content, with legal content. Below we list the best legal sites to watch movies.




Surely it is the most famous with an extensive catalog of films and TV series, to watch without any limit by paying a monthly subscription. A feature is the audio and video quality – very high and able to satisfy anyone. You get up to the 4K standard with HDR support. With a minimum subscription fee, you can also share with friends and family. Finally, there is also the possibility of a 30-day trial.


RayPlay’s offer is wide enough, with the possibility to choose among numerous free and legal films as well as documentaries, fiction and so on. In addition, you can also see live RAI channels. The quality of old films is not very high, unlike the most recent titles. Registration to the portal is quick and simple and you can also take advantage of social accounts such as Facebook or Twitter so as to skip authentication via email.


Paramount Channel

A made in Italy broadcaster that makes American content available. On this portal, you can see both the official direct and the on-demand content transmitted via satellite or digital terrestrial. The video section hosts a diverse series of streaming productions. To use the contents on this platform, you need to install the Flash Player plug-in on your PC.

Now Tv

Another paid service really very interesting. Offers the ability to access Sky content, both live and on demand. Through this service, you can watch movies and TV series on all devices including PC, smartphone, tablet, but also video game consoles and Smart TV. Also, you can buy the special TV-box to connect to the TV. To take advantage of all the contents it is not necessary to subscribe to Sky, but in any case, it is necessary to subscribe to the platform.


It is one of the best even if little known. It is completely in Italian and offers, after registering and watched a few seconds of advertising, the possibility of watching movies, TV series and cartoons. All at no cost. You can also log in with our Facebook account and the catalog is well stocked. The operation is based on a web server so it is not necessary to install Flash Player. It is also available for Android and iOS.