The best chess games for Android in 2022

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Users of the Google operating system have a large number of games available in the Play Store and something few know is that there are many free chess games online for Android

Something very important in the life of many families and which has been lost over time is the

afternoons of playing with dice. This is because new technologies have taken control of our way of life.

Obviously, this has nothing to do with the games we’re used to today, although that doesn’t mean they’re any less interesting. If you are new to chess games, you don’t need to worry, as there are some apps specially dedicated to teaching.

Read on to find out which are the best free chess games for Android.

The best free online chess games for Android

1. DroidFish Chess

This chess game for Android is based on an old title available only in English. DroidFish has the same feature set, although it does have some unique tabs and themes to choose from. It has a very simple user interface, which is not something you should worry about, as it just makes things easier for you. Something that makes games more interesting is that it has vibes and sounds.

A detail of this chess game for Android is that it turns out to be a bit conventional, unlike other titles, this one is quite similar to a PC game, more than a mobile one. Despite this, its download is free and you won’t find in-game purchases or any kind of advertising, which is a plus. Also, the developer tends to update the app often.

2. Chess Puzzle (Tactics)

Thanks to this chess game in Italian for Android called, Chess Puzzle, you will be able to get a great internal knowledge of this board game since it offers several puzzles that you will have to solve. 

You will see that there are different levels that you can choose, so that gradually your knowledge increases, in each of them, you will enjoy a different experience from the previous one. It also has many puzzles that will be available every day, these will show up to keep you connected to the app.

Plus, there’s a good variety of themes you can choose from, so you won’t get bored using it. In terms of playability, it works like any other chess game. Finally, you need to know that you can find the

title for free in the Play Store, although you will find that some ads appear in the app.

3. Chess · Play and Learn

For those who have never played chess before, with this application you have the opportunity to learn the basics, and then it will help you become a master. One detail to highlight that its players love is that it teaches you as you play in every game.

You also have the option to play online with people from all over the world, even if you wish, you can interact with them while in a game. This is very important, as it is an added excitement for the game.

You have the chance to play against the AI to practice and hone your skills before starting with real opponents. Something you should know is that any mistakes you make will be analyzed and it will help you correct them so that you don’t repeat them again.


4. Chess Clock Time Control

In reality, this is not a chess game for Android, but an application that offers you a clock, which can be used by players in the real world. This app has nothing to do with the others mentioned in this article because you are turning your mobile phone into a clock that will help you to check the time in a real chess game.

The function of the application is very simple, when a player makes his move, he has to touch the smartphone screen so that his opponent starts his turn. Be careful after performing your movements, as a pause button and resume time also appear on the screen.


5. Chess Book Study Pro

With the game of chess Chess Book Study Pro, an application that is in Italian, as not all are, you will be able to carefully study each of the pieces on the board. You also have the ability to analyze games through the various engines, has night mode and bookmarks. You can upload any ebook pdf, DJV, and DjVu.

6. Chess With Friends Free – Online chess games

Its name says it all about the most important part of its functioning. With this title, you will be able to play multiplayer chess games directly with all your friends. Although this chess game for Android devices also offers the possibility to play against other people from all over the world which is a big plus.

Thanks to this, you can choose what you want most at any time. It also has a built-in chat with which you can communicate with your opponents and a revenge option in the event of a match loss. Its download is available for free in the Android Play Store, although you will find that it has some purchases inside.

7. Play Magnus – Play Chess

Magnus Carlsen is the best chess player in the world today, the Norwegian has broken many records around the world, especially since he started playing when he was just a child.

Thanks to these free downloadable chess games available on Android you can learn directly from the best player. In this title, there are several tricks, tips, moves, and games known to this player. That’s why you will learn as if it were one of their private lessons. Believe it or not, its download is free, although like in other games you will find some purchases inside.