Apps for Dogs and Cats
Apps for Dogs and Cats

Applications can also give us a hand with our four-legged friends. For years, in fact, there are free apps for Android and iOS that can help us to discover more, the variegated of our dogs and cats.

There are applications that allow us to check the health of dogs and cats, those that note curiosity and behavior, apps for vaccines, apps for the veterinarian and even those apps that allow us to play with our cat.

For all animal lovers could not miss a selection of the best apps for dogs and cats.

The Best Apps for Dogs and Cats

Dog Walk – Record walks

This app for Android is designed specifically to monitor walks with your dog in detail.

It is possible to keep track of the route, time, distance, speed and calories consumed in relation to those taken. Among the various features, there is also the possibility to share the routes made, set favorites and share photographs.

Download Dog Walk – Register for walks for Android

Download Tractive Dog Walk for iOS

Dog Health

For the most careless masters, this app could represent salvation. Dog Health allows you to organize all deadlines related to your pet, so you never forget a vaccine, an anti-filaria prophylaxis or the administration of medicines. (for iOS users a good alternative is Pet Phone)

Download Dog Health for Android

Download Pet Phone for iOS

11Pets: Animal Care 11Pets: Animal

Care, is an android app complete with pet care features, with reminders of all treatments to be performed, medical care, an organization of clinical analyzes including medical incident monitoring. It helps to take care of our pets in a consistent and effective way, with a simple goal: to make our pets’ lives better. The app takes care of many important things – Reminder of the drugs to be administered – Maintains the schedule for vaccinations, pesticide treatments, deworming, bathing and other important tasks by alerting yourself appropriately – Manages the complete historical medical history of your pets, including X-rays, laboratory results, blood tests and many more – Makes historical anamnesis always available and accessible with a click – Record vital parameters such as weight and temperature – Offers specific features for periodic symptom control and monitoring over time with photos and notes – Provides a gallery for photos so you can remember the most important moments of your pet – Keeps the information of all the professionals who treat your pet – Create secure backups of your data on our cloud.

Download 11Pets: Animal Care for Android

DogKit – Train Your Dog! 

DogKit – Train Your Dog! is an app for ios that will allow all those who have a dog to learn the basics to train them at their best. For those who have recently taken a puppy, a guide of this kind will surely be of great help, who, by offering a series of demonstration videos, will teach the new master how to best manage the new family member. Inside the APP over 30 Video Guides to properly and easily train your beloved dog! For example: – How to keep the dog on a leash – How to make him understand not to pull – How to teach him to do the right things in the right place – How to make him obey the call – How to make him paw – How to sit – How to scold him correctly – How to reward him – How to tell him not to jump – How to teach him not to go out the open door – Don’t dig – Don’t bite and gnaw things – Crawl

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Dog Whistle – Dog Whistle

You want to recall your dog but you don’t have enough breath. No problem, with Dog Whistle, the smartphone is available to whistle, available for iOS. On Android, we recommend Dog Whistle, practically identical even if the interface is less accurate.

Download Dog Whistle for Android

Download Dog Whistle! (Free) for iOS

Dog Breeds

A simple application for Android that is an atlas of all known dog breeds. There are also many photos that you can vote to decide the best breed ever.

Download Dog Breeds for Android

Snapcat and Cat Selfie, respectively for Android and iOS, thanks to them your cat friend will be able to photograph himself… a real autosGatto. The apps both work the same way. When the phone is placed on the ground, the screen shows virtual lasers bouncing or moving dots designed so that the cat will chase them. As soon as the paw touches the screen trying to capture the point, the shot acts like a button and the phone takes the picture of the cat.

Download SnapCat For Android

Download Cat Selfie for iOS

Paint for Cats

Paint for Cats chasing the mouse on the screen, our cat will draw colorful paws and become an involuntary artist. The works of art can then be broadcast on social media or printed.

Download Paint for Cats for iOS

Friskies CatFishing 2

This is an app created by friskies specifically for cats. Put your tablet on a flat surface and press the start button. Your kitty will have a lot to do to catch all the fish that it will see swimming over the screen! As the game accumulates, the game will get tougher. And if your little distraction player, myo will draw his attention to the goal.

Download Friskies CatFishing 2 for Android

Enjoy with Cat

With Enjoy with Cat we can decide whether to let our feline play alone or let us get involved in the game, while for those who love an attractive and clean graphics layout the best application could be Jareneko, where our cat will see it with cute colored mice.

Download Enjoy with Cat for iOS

Cat Piano

For cats with a musical ear, instead, there is Cat Piano: a keyboard that instead of the usual notes, will emit feline meows.

Download Cat Piano (FREE) for iOS


Have you forgotten to give your pet a treatment? It’s easy to forget about it. MyVetProgram is a free and easy-to-use app provided by Elanco Companion Animal Health that will help you remember these commitments. Simply enter the data of your pets indicating, for each of them, the necessary treatment, such as monthly flea control. The application will then send you a reminder before the next treatment is given and may even remind you to pick up the drug from the vet. It also provides curiosity and useful information on the health of our four-legged friends.

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MyPetOnApp digital health booklet is the digital health record of your animal friends for smartphones and tablets. MyPetOnApp is a free application aimed at supporting the pet owner in the correct health and veterinary management of their pet. In fact, MyPetOnApp allows you to create on your device a medical record for each animal that summarizes: – animal personal data such as name, microchip, date of birth, species, breed, coat, and photo. – planned and performed health data and health treatments: vaccinations, pesticide treatments, visits, medical and surgical therapeutic interventions.

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Cat Translator

Have you ever wondered what your cat says? Not sure if your cat wants to eat or if it wants to be left alone?

  1. Press the record button while your cat is meowing.
  2. Let the cat’s 3meow voice tones be analyzed. Find out what your cat says so you never have to ask again.

Download Translator for Cats for iOS

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