The best alternatives to Netflix (Free & Paid) in 2021

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The Netflix digital streaming platform has now conquered everyone. Even in our country, where it has landed slightly behind other countries, it is rapidly supplanting the more traditional television.

Despite everything you play in favor of this service, are there any alternatives to Netflix? How do they work? And how much do they cost? In this article we will try to find some surrogate of this platform, it is understood that, at present, it does not have any real competitors. If abroad, HBO is present in different countries, there are some other platforms that can offer content discreetly interesting but can not really compete with the American giant.

The alternatives to Netflix? They are not missing!


In this top you will find  platforms with very varied content such as Netflix , and also other platforms with more specific content, but still of excellent quality.

It is possible to choose films and TV series broadcast on Rai channels, divided by genres and categories, so as to satisfy the whole family. Once you have chosen the content to be played, all we have to do is press the Play button to start streaming viewing.

On a purely quantitative level, however, the alternatives to Netflix are not lacking. This situation, however, may soon change- on the other hand, the dynamics of the streaming and the network are not static and, within a few years, Netflix may have to deal with some other big giant that decides to get involved in the sector.

Amazon Prime Video

What has been said so far is nothing but the premise to Amazon Prime. Yes, the colossus of Jeff Bezos is also winking at the streaming. After being born as a digital store for books and having literally swallowed up the online sales sector, Amazon decided to propose itself as an alternative to Netflix.

Not everyone knows (even those who are already subscribed to Amazon Prime) that among other services, is offered a wide selection of films among the most popular in the world. Not all titles are included in the Prime offer, although you can view many films without spending more money.

It must be said in defense of Amazon Prime that the streaming is (at the moment) an accessory service. what mainly offers the platform with this subscription, are advantages at the level of shipments. Other advantages, in addition to streaming, are advantages in terms of flash bids and get video games for free.

Amazon offers the service for free for 30 days. If you do not cancel the subscription, you can proceed with the payment of 4.99 euros per month or 36 euros per year. If you buy often on Amazon, this service could almost be a necessity!

Disney +

A big bet that not only kids will appreciate is Disney +, this platform provides content for all ages, although its strength is aimed at children. The best stories from National Geographic, the complete catalog of Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and of course Disney, which you can enjoy in 4 simultaneous reproductions and create up to 7 different profiles.

The monthly cost of the subscription is one of the most affordable  that can be found, even if it has recently increased from 6.99 euros to 8.99, as we said a few months ago.

iTunes Store

Even Apple begins to peep out in this environment. iTunes Store was born as a platform for the sale of digital music. Starting in 2006, however, the first films were introduced in the store. Just two years later, the store distributes 20th Century Fox producer films in the United States, confirming itself as one of the pioneers of digital movie sales.

Since 2010, the iTunes Store allows “renting” films. In fact, after downloading the films, you can see them in 24 hours. Since the software is “shared” through iCloud, you can share the purchased/rented products on all the Apple devices that you own.

Also worthy of mention is the interesting iTunes Extra service. It allows you to have access to some particular scenes of cut movies or to some clips turned in the backstage of them.

Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus  is the most recently launched major streaming service. Includes programs from the Discovery range of cable TV channels, as well as some from Lifetime and A&E. People who enjoy watching homes being restored or seeing couples getting married after 90 days will love this streaming service.

The price is much cheaper than Netflix, starting at € 5 per month for an ad-based subscription and up to € 7 per month for an ad-free experience. There is also a seven day free trial.


If the previous service is global, with VVVVID there is focus on some other foreign languages. We are talking about a streaming service dedicated to the legal and totally free on-demand streaming of cult films, TV series, and anime.


This is a very interesting reality, born from the idea of some Roman boys who have created a project capable of self-financing thanks to advertising (even if there is a paid mode without advertising). VVVVID offers its services both via the website and through official apps, available for both Android and iOS.

The streaming offered is of enviable quality and fluidity. Although the contents cannot be compared to Netflix or Amazon Prime, for Japanese animation lovers this platform can be a real surprise!

Infinity TV

Another good alternative to Netflix is Infinity TV, owned by Mediaset. With Infinity you have over 2500 movies, 2700 TV series episodes and 1500 cartoons to entertain the whole family.

Infinity TV is a proposal signed by Mediaset regarding digital streaming. Thousands and thousands of films and cartoons, hundreds of TV series and many other contents are freely available on the PC, tablet, and smartphone of the subscribers.

The Mediaset exclusives are very beautiful and it is possible to watch streaming without limits on any platform. Infinity TV is available with a monthly subscription starting at € 7.99 per month, with a  free  trial period of 30 days.


Another alternative to Netflix signed by Sky is NOW TV. The platform allows you to see on your smart TV, smartphone, computer or tablet a remarkable series of films, TV series as well as sporting events. This is top quality material, with FOX productions, History Channel, Disney Channel and of course Sky.

One of the main advantages of NOW TV is that you can try the service for 14 days. At the end of these, you can choose whether to abandon the platform or subscribe (the subscription starts at € 7.99 monthly and up depending on the packages chosen).


Crunchyroll, all the anime you want on your mobile or tablet. You may think that this application is not an alternative to Netflix, since its content is exclusive to anime, but we know that many people go into Netflix to watch a good anime without having much success, on Crunchyroll they will be able to find the greatest variety of souls you could have imagined.

If you are an anime fan, you will not regret paying for this subscription which is priced at 4.99 for one screen and 6.49 to use on up to 4 devices at the same time, you can also try it for 14 days for free.

TV tubes – Free TV and movies

Now we’re going to talk about an app  for those who can’t pay for a subscription or just don’t want toTV Tubi is a free Netflix alternative that will allow you to watch a wide variety of movies and TV series. An endless supply of various action, comedy, drama and kids’ content is included each week.


Of course, not everything can be perfect, the app has ads, but if you compare it to cable television, the amount of ads is much less.


State television trudges behind cutting-edge platforms, but it does not give up. With RaiPlay in fact, it offers free streaming (you still need to register). The service provides live streaming of Rai broadcasts, plus some TV series and films available to members.

Nothing comparable to the best services in the industry, but useful for those who do not have the TV at hand and want to convert their computer/tablet/smartphone into a small emergency TV.

Popcorn TV

We close the roundup of the best alternatives to Netflix with an Italian and free service. The Popcorn TV site offers an entire section dedicated to streaming movies. In total, this platform offers several hundred film products.

Nothing transcendental- it is extremely old or unknown films and cartoons, but given the totally free nature of the service it is impossible to ask for more. Also, you can take advantage of the service without special subscriptions.

In conclusion

Given what it offers and how much it costs, Netflix currently has no real competitors. This does not mean that being satisfied with a willing platform, you can not spend a few pleasant hours with one of the seven services illustrated here.

Netflix’s strength is not only in the almost infinite catalog. This service offers some options hardly proposed by the competition and, among them, we remember that it is also possible to download the films and then view them offline.