The best Adobe Photoshop applications for Android

All Adobe Photoshop applications for Android– what they are used for and what they are different for. When it comes to photo editing, we cannot fail to mention- Adobe Photoshop. It is not surprising since it is the most successful software in the photographic range. And it has extended its tentacles by even creating Adobe Photoshop applications for Android. Maybe too many.

How many apps with that name and authentic are there for Android? In the Google Play Store we can find four Android apps to edit photos. There is a fifth application which, despite being in beta, is still far from its stable form- Adobe Photoshop Camera. And with such a variety of options, isn’t it easy to choose the most suitable one to edit your photos on the phone?

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We decided to shed some light on the subject by recommending the best app for your needs. Whether you want to edit an image, remove imperfections or erase the background of the photo- there is an Adobe Photoshop application for you. And anyway they are all of the excellent quality.

The best Adobe Photoshop applications for Android

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

This application is what we could consider as the classic editor adapted to phones. It works like a mobile photo editor that integrates a multitude of tools for adjusting, cutting and editing images- with Adobe Photoshop Express (download) you can apply a filter to create photo collages, all with just a few steps and get results of high quality.

The amount of options included is immense, it is worth having the application installed as the default photo editing app on your Android phone. Adobe Photoshop Express is perfect. Plus, it’s free, it doesn’t include advertisements, and you only need an Adobe account to use it. No subscription to Adobe Cloud is required. Definitely one of the best Adobe Photoshop applications for Android.

2. The best Adobe Photoshop applications for Android – Adobe Photoshop Fix

Although the “Express” application condenses most of the functionality that a good photo editor should have, Adobe has separated some tools to create specialized applications. This is the case of Adobe Photoshop Fix (download), an app designed to correct image imperfections– from correcting points on the skin to blurring or bokeh effect to portraits.

Adobe Photoshop Fix is ​​suitable for applying basic cutouts and adjustments to the image, such as lighting, contrast or shadows. It allows you to work with layers and also apply distortion effects to photos in order to improve the face to correct any unwanted features on the face. It also eliminates image imperfections- noise, stains, and scratches- all intuitively. It’s free- you don’t need an Adobe subscription, just have an account.

3. Adobe Photoshop Mix

All right. How are Fix and Mix different? Adobe doesn’t explain it, but we can say that Adobe Photoshop Fix (download) is a photo editor and Adobe Photoshop Mix is ​​designed to create creative images. That is, it offers more possibilities when merging photos, applying filters or cutting the background of these photos. Mix allows the creation of extraordinary images, even if it requires a little practice and, above all, a lot of imagination.

With Adobe Photoshop Mix it’s very easy to place people on a different background than the original, highlight areas of an image by converting the rest to black and white and merge different images until you get one. It is a free app and, like the rest of our selection, does not require an Adobe subscription. Just an account.

4. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

We radically change the stage because Sketch is not designed for photo editing, but to draw directly on the phone. We can create all kinds of strokes, write freehand on a layer placed on an image and even create brushes for other Adobe applications, including desktop applications. Therefore, Adobe Photoshop Sketch (download) will not help you much if you just want to edit a photo- you will need one of the three previous applications.

5. Adobe Photoshop Camera

It is the most recent application coming up and the only one in this collection that cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It is possible to download the app from pages like App Mirror. Adobe Photoshop Camera differs markedly from the rest in that it is a camera app. As it is- impersonating the phone application to create beautiful photographs based on the application of different filters in real-time. You can check what the photo will look like before you take it and there are many scenes available to add to the application. She is very pretty- it’s worth a look.

The Best Adobe Photoshop Applications For Android – Which To Choose?

With all the Adobe Photoshop applications you have at hand, it will certainly be difficult for you to choose the most appropriate one. To help you make this choice, here are our tips depending on what you need to do.

  • Crop a photo. Photoshop Express is the best choice.
  • Apply a filter to the image. Photoshop Fix is ​​excellent, even Photoshop Camera.
  • Make a photo collage. Photoshop Express is the best choice.
  • Paint on a photo. Photoshop Sketch is the best.
  • I want to put the stickers on the photos. Photoshop Express has a good collection.
  • Take photos with real-time filters. Adobe Photoshop Camera is your choice.
  • I want to put frames on my photos. Try Photoshop Express.

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