The 7 best men’s smartwatches

Let’s see what are the best smartwatches in the men’s watches category. The wearable devices sector is growing strongly and besides the attention and passion for these technological watches, their quality and elegance are also growing, making them very similar to the classic men’s watches.

Style & technology

We want to talk about the best men’s smartwatches because in the vast panorama of models available a very important role is played by style and elegance. Every man can find the most suitable model based on his outfit and his personality. As traditional watches, in fact, in addition to performing more extensive technical functions, they are an excellent accessory for your clothing. Among those who prefer a more sporty model to a more elegant one, the solutions are different and a good solution is also offered of the high level of customization. Many models, in fact, allow you to replace the strap, so as to perfectly adapt the smartwatch to your needs, all in one device. The possibilities are many in terms of color and material in order to enhance the choice of each individual and to give each man his watch, able to express their personality, personal and professional.

The best smartwatch- how to choose

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, which remains a rather personal factor, we need to evaluate different technical elements, in order to compare different models and find the one that best suits your needs. A first element is that of applications, or sello smartwatch allows the installation of third-party apps; a smartwatch with this feature is certainly better than one that does not have it. Another element is battery life (as well as for smartphones) and if it is integrated with the HR sensor for heart rate detection; a device of this type can also be used to monitor your health and the quality of your training. Finally, a very important feature is the independence of the smartwatch from the smartphone, or if the user has the ability to respond to messages and calls directly from the watch without using the phone.

The best men’s smartwatches- which to choose

Here is our selection of the 7 best smartwatches for men to choose from.

Samsung Gear Sport

For those who love a sports watch, you can not help but think of the Samsung Gear Sport, a sort of personal trainer. It is in fact a device dedicated to those who practice fitness with dedicated functions. The smartwatch has a high-resolution Super AMOLED display and water resistance up to 50m depth, ideal for lovers of swimming and pool activities. Compatible with both smartphone systems with Android and iOS operating systems, the Gear Sport is the perfect smartwatch for those looking for an assistant for their health and fitness. For personalization, there are leather straps with different colors.

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Apple Watch Series 4

Best men’s smartwatch- Apple Watch Series 4
the 7 best men's smartwatches 2

As we told in our review, the Apple Watch 4 series is the perfect and natural evolution of an already excellent device. With this new version, we have a larger display, with an aluminum body, an OLTP LTPO display with Force Touch and the back in ceramic and sapphire crystal. Elegance and design are certainly not a problem at Apple and from a technical point of view, this smartwatch is truly extraordinary. We are talking about a device with a dual-core Apple S4 processor, equipped with an optical and electrical heart rate monitor, GPS (GLONASS, Galileo, and Cellular) and a wide range of sensors. The software, for which the iOS 5.1.2 update was released improves and simplifies the interface of use and integrates sports functions, for health monitoring and for everyday use. The Apple Watch Series 4 is water resistant to 50 meters and is a decidedly spectacular solution to have on the wrist, both for career men, boys and those who play sports.

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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Another Samsung device, this time the Gear S3 Frontier, with a more classic and less sporty design. It is one of the most interesting smartwatches as a level of functionality present (such as that for contactless payments via Samsung PAy circuit). The Super AMOLED high-resolution display, with classic lines complete with hands and date indicator, allows you to manage notifications, answer and make calls using the built-in microphone. Equipped with GPS and battery that can last 3-4 days, the Gear S3 Frontier is perhaps the best solution for the career man, for those who want a professional and classic style, with a watch that has nothing to envy to traditional ones, but which is envied by the high technological level.

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Huawei Watch 2

Another smartwatch with elegant lines and classic design is the Huawei Watch 2, a device with AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass protection and Android Wear 2.0 operating system. from the smartwatch display, you can answer calls and manage notifications. This smartwatch is water resistant (but not waterproof), equipped with integrated GPS and functions for monitoring physical activity and allows a wide personalization thanks to the replacement of the straps.

Fossil Q Explorist HR 4th gen

The Fossil Q Explorist HR 4th gen is one of the best men’s smartwatches in circulation, both in terms of elegance, wearability, and technical performance. As widely shown in our full review, the Fossil Q Explorist HR 4th gen has a classic design with a round case in polished black steel, waterproof and a brilliant and spectacular AMOLED display. The structure is solid and resistant and makes the smartwatch on the wrist stable and comfortable. From a technical point of view, this smartwatch integrates the sensor for heart rate detection, the processor Snapdragon Wear 2100, the GPS, the NFC sensor and 4GB of internal memory to use also to save your music and listen to them at any time. Thanks also to the operating system ( Android Wear 2.3 ), the Fossil Q Explorist HR 4th gen works independently of the smartphone and allows you to monitor your physical activity (with different dedicated functions) and allows you to manage numerous notifications. For those who want to have on their wrist a watch with classic shapes but with a technologically modern heart, this Fossil model is certainly one of the best choices to make.

Fitbit Ionic

We close this selection of the best men’s smartwatches with the Fitbit Ionic, a device made by a leading brand in this sector. It is a sporty version, with stiffer lines that fade, very light and a 1.42 “LCD display and Gorilla Glass protection system. The control of the device is both physical through the side key and touch and is a smartwatch dedicated to those who practice sports and needs an instrument that monitors every single movement and every aspect of training. The Fitonic Ionic also offers a sleep monitor and is also equipped with a GPS sensor, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and a battery that provides a range of about 3-4 days.

Amazfit Bip

This Xiaomi smartwatch has a design very similar to those of Apple Watch but has an unbeatable price. Amazfit Bip has discrete but absolutely complete hardware, I told you in the review, which makes it a perfect product for everyday use at work and for sports thanks to the excellent 1.28-inch display, waterproofing and a battery that can last up to 20 days.

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Having a wristwatch is a truly revolutionary experience given the technological level available and what we have seen are 5 of the best men’s models to choose from.

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