Tesla Model Y: reveal the images of the coupé crossover


Elon Musk and his creature Tesla never leave the media without news. Makers of the week is in fact a presentation from the house of Palo Alto’s muscular cousin of Model 3: let’s talk about Tesla Model Y. The new compact SUV, the classic coupé-shaped crossover, will arrive on the market next year.

The muscular cousin

Always totally electric, always very similar to the Model 3, the look is that of the already mentioned sport coupé with the slightly more mentioned dimensions. Still not available, the measurements of the model will certainly be generous in length. In terms of construction, the platform used is exactly that of Model 3, similarly to European homes.


Speaking of performance, the electric powertrain will be able to push this Model Y from 0 to 100 Km / h in just 3.5 seconds. With a range of about 480 km, the final price will be around € 41,000; we are obviously talking about the version with the larger battery pack. Starting from 2021 it will be possible to buy the cheapest model for $ 39,000 (less than € 35,000). The most thrusting version is also equipped with 20 “wheels, carbon fiber spoiler, sports brakes and suspension, and track mode.

At a closer look, we can see very many similarities with Model 3, with which it shares 75% of the construction reality. A little bigger and with seven seats available, it perfectly reincarnates the Tesla soul: simple and minimal interiors dominated by the 

large 15-inch central touchscreen.

Closer to the last levels of autonomous driving, Musk states that the autonomous driving for this model is practically ready; the hardware is there, just a few updates to the system. The market forecasts according to Tesla are very high, they speak of selling more Model Y of all the Model S, X and 3 combined. A curiosity? By putting together all the letters of the Tesla models you will get ” S3XY “. The relationship between marketing, conspiracy, and psychology has always been articulated.


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