(Tesla) Autopilot cars will detect traffic lights? Yes!


Tesla electric cars have gained prominence all over the world, thanks to all the technologies they have implemented and the perks they provide to their drivers. However, there is something that has been promised and that is not being fully fulfilled, or at least it was not until now! This is because the autopilot for Tesla cars still has some weaknesses … Yes, the most basic features are already present in the system, such as the detection of other cars around or even a simple cone on the way. However, there are other things that insist on being added.

Can autopilot Tesla cars detect traffic lights? Soon it will be possible!

So this was in fact one of the most important things that Tesla cars’ autopilot was missing. That said, despite not being fully developed, the video above already shows us some improvements in the manufacturer’s system.


Thus, we know that the autopilot will be able to detect when it is red and when it is green at traditional traffic lights, even in the rain. After identification, the car will act according to the color it finds. In other words, stop automatically when the signal is red and continue the route if the signal is green.


In addition, during the video, it was also possible to see that the car itself issued a warning signal when it was 150 meters from the traffic light. So, we still don’t know for sure whether or not this will be the maximum limit for detecting or with the further development of the software, it will be possible to identify the lights from a greater distance.

In short, Tesla has been evolving a lot during these recent times, in order to provide the best possible experience for all drivers. So, do not think that this will be the only news for the coming times. This is because, by the floor of the carriage, further improvements are to come.


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