Telegram for iOS: Version 5 makes everything new


The Telegram Messenger for iOS is available in a new version. Completely new, because as announced now the switch from Telegram to Telegram X is completed. Telegram X is programmed in Swift, unlike the old version. As a result, the new client consumes less battery but is also faster. But also new functions are on board, so, for example, the streaming of audio files is supported.

Anyone who has already used Telegram X, this will all be very familiar, but also users of the normal Telegram version should have no problems with the new client, in principle, was changed and adjusted especially under the hood. Accordingly, the Changelog also reads unspectacularly:

– Optimized battery consumption. 
– Expandable in-app notifications. 
– Faster message synchronization. 
– Liquid animations in chats. 
– Streaming support of audio files. 
– Improved background activity: Unmuted chats are always up to date. 
– New unread counter: Shows the number of mute chats with unread messages (customizable in settings). 
– Improved navigation in highly active chats: scroll up to see the date of the messages. There, tap on the date to jump to the first message of the day.

Telegram Version 5.0.8 is now available, let’s hear in the comments if that is a big difference to before, I have only used Telegram X since it was released.

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