Telecommunications – Cars To Receive New Antenna Concept


Seeing that telecommunications is now very important for vehicles, a new antenna concept has now been developed for cars. We can take for granted most of the communications attached to our vehicles. These days, it is nothing if vehicles navigation systems regularly update maps and show the way by using satellite data.

We can even make phone call while driving, and this has turned some cars into mobile telephone boxes.

With all these possible, we get a hint that technology will even go way further in the future. For example, in the future, data exchange will play a very great role in road transportation. More of this will be thrown into improving road safety.

This means there will b new ideas on getting antennas to sit on top or inside cars. An instance of this is the special antenna box which has been developed and can now be integrated into the front area of the car roof. This can be seen at TU Wien. It shows how effective the new antenna variants cars are and how good they will be for wireless requirements of tomorrow. Of course, one thing to notice is that directionality of wireless signals is very good around cars.

The antennas, usually installed in what is known as shark fin, are simply compact attachments mounted on the rear of the car’s roof. The problem is that when antennas become numerous, and there is not enough space, problems start. They can interfere with one another, especially when packed too tightly.

In the coming years, telecommunication capabilities of cars will be significantly improved and this will create challenges of glut in nature. One of the things expected from cars in the future is their ability to cooperate with one another.

It remains to be seen how one car can warn other cars of impending hazards like for example, slippery patch after next bend in the road. Fixed infrastructure and communications between cars are also expected.

A new idea is to create antenna boxes that can house multiple antennas in the best possible manner. Apart from that, several antenna concepts would need to be examined as a way to help compensate for any interference even more efficiently.