Tecno HiOS Launcher Review – Everything You Need to Know

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Tecno HiOS Launcher Review- It is a top home screen replacement launcher which is highly customizable, fast and 100% free to use. In this launcher, you will barely see any function that is not required or comes in an extra category. And due to that, it works fast in any Android devices including low configuration devices. Tecno HiOS Launcher has 60+ beautiful themes and more than 400,000 high-quality stock wallpapers which will make your Android phone looks cooler.

Also, it comes preloaded in Tecno Camon 11 Pro phone and on some other phone of Tecno company. The launcher is actually made by the Tecno company and first shown in their smartphones in the market. And then later when people appreciated the theme through feedback, Tecno published for worldwide Android users. But Due to some reason, it was got removed from the official App Store of Android. But you can still download it from some third-party website.

In this article, we will give our honest suggestions and opinion on Tecno HiOS Launcher. And through this article, everything about HiOS launcher will get clear for you. Let’s deep dive.


Features of Tecno HiOS Launcher

Knowing the real features of HiOS Launcher will pretty much help you to deeply understand it. And by just knowing them, you can easily get started in your own Android phone with it. So, here are the features of Tecno HiOS Launcher that you absolutely know:

1. Hi Theme App with Over 60+ Free Themes

Tecno HiOS Launcher

In Tecno HiOS Launcher, you will get an app called Hi Theme. It is just like any other theme app that provides tons of themes for Android for free. With this, you can change theme under installed Tecno HiOS Launcher in your Android. This is just not a simple theme app, it also provides wallpapers in High quality, and the new wallpapers get added every week in Hi Theme. And so, it’s a great pre-installed app that you should absolutely know.

2. Quick Accelerate

Tecno has well cared about boosting speed through the launcher. Quick Accelerate is a program that also comes pre-installed and helps to boost the Android performance. It basically kills the processes that run in the Background of the Android phone for no reason. With just a tap on the shortcut Quick Accelerate icon, you can free up a lot of RAM on your Phone. So, whenever you feel like the Battery percentage is draining fast, just use Quick Accelerate and fix the fast battery drainage.

3. Swipe Up to Open App Drawer

I really hate showing all the apps on just home screen. Even sometimes I get confused to find space to tap and hold for changing the back wallpaper and widgets. But HiOS Launcher has helped me to get what I wanted on my phone. I always wanted to have this Swipe up on the screen to get my App Drawer opened, and this is what HiOS launcher offers. It also makes the process fast to open the App drawer because you just need to swipe up instead of tapping on Apps and swipe left and right.

4. Hide Apps

HiOS Launcher has inbuilt apps hiding feature which comes with great customization. Anyone can hardly find the section of hidden apps in your phone when you activate and use the launcher in your phone. To hide apps within HiOS Launcher, you just need to swipe up with your two fingers and hide apps section will get opened. Use the Plus Button from the bottom of the screen to add and remove apps on Hidden apps section. This is really a great feature that HiOS provides.

In most of the default launcher, you barely find the option to hide apps. To basically hide installed apps in the majority of the phones, you need to install an extra app which nobody prefers and like.

5. Gesture Settings

In HiOS launcher, you can manually set the action on gestures through Gesture Settings option. The launcher has 7-8 gestures by default and actions are set by default like Swipe up to open all apps. But you can manually change and set the action on every gesture available. To do that, tap and hold on the screen in any free space, select Desktop settings from the options. And in the next window, select Gesture Settings. Now, you will be able to see all the gestures that are available along with the set actions.

Just tap on the aero to change the action and set your own. It is a great feature that you should use to customize your Android phone.

So, these are the few fantastic features that I liked in the HiOS Launcher. Now, let’s talk about its upside and downside.

Pros and Cons of HiOS Launcher

Previously, we have talked about a few awesome features of HiOS Launcher, and it really has some good features. Despite its cool features, it still has some downside and some more upside which will be worth sharing with you. First, let talk about its cons.

Cons of HiOS Launcher

1. Apps Drawer and Some other part is flooded with ADS

Some of you may think about the launcher sustainability, and I agree with you but not in a way that spoils the user experience. Some part in the HiOS Launcher is flooded with Ads including the Apps Drawer. And ads are placed in a clickable way; it’s way more attractive than it should be. Ads are in the form of Instant apps, and they are basically online games which you shouldn’t get engaged with. And that’s the biggest cons I have seen in the HiOS Launcher.


2. Useless Cards

If I’m not wrong, HiOS has copied the MIUI launcher card function and has implemented in their launcher. Cards are basically a shortcut way to do tasks. To see those cards, you need to swipe right, and you will be able to see all the cards it has like Recent Apps (The Most Useless one), Bookmyshow, Call a cab, Daily hunt News, Easy Gaming, Unlimited Instant Games, Word Clock and some promoted articles which is nonsense.

So, these are the two most useless things I have seen in HiOS launcher. Now, let me talk about the Pros.

Pros of HiOS Launcher

1. Minimalistic Theme

Tecno HiOS Launcher

The one thing every HiOS Launcher user will accept that the theme is very pleasant and Minimalistic. Especially the app’s icon looks very cute due to its round edge. Also, the color is eye friendly, and it doesn’t produce too much light because of its blue and dark color. Unlike other eye-damaging themes, it will not hurt your eyes even at night.

2. Clock Widget is Classic

The clock widget HiOS launcher have by default is very classic and looks similar with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & 9’s default clock. HiOS Launcher’s Clock will give you the feel of Galaxy Note 9’s clock and even better, you can resize the clock to best fit in your phone screen.

3. Instantly Change Back Wallpaper with Wallpaper Swap

Wallpaper Swap is a shortcut app which instantly changes the Background Wallpaper. And to change the background wallpaper in your Android, you don’t ever need to go to the wallpapers section and set manually. Just download plenty of stock wallpaper using HiTheme and use Wallpaper Swap to change background wallpaper quickly.

4. Informative Search Bar

Do you use apps to stay updated with trending news? HiOS Launcher has a search bar that shows trending news running right now related to your interest. Even more, there is a section called Hot Searches which shows the recently highest searched queries. And through the search bar, you can know what’s trending is running on.

5. Fast Performance Due to Minimal Features

HiOS launcher doesn’t have tons of features, unlike other launchers. You will only the get the useful ones in the launcher and nothing else. And having this, makes the launcher run faster in any Android device.

So, these are some Pros and Cons we figured out in the HiOS launcher. There are also some tiny elements in the launcher which really enhances the User experience.

The Overall Truth of HiOS launcher

To be honest, HiOS Launcher is a great launcher because of many reasons. It has Quick Accelerate to instantly boost the phone performance and kill battery killer apps, minimal features, unique and useful functions like Gesture and Hide Apps. And Just like any other launchers, it also has a downside, ADS. And apart from this, I didn’t have found anything wrong in this awesome launcher.


Also, if you want to have a new launcher that doesn’t eat so much battery, then nothing is better than HiOS launcher. Its minimal features will barely eat your phone’s battery even; it helps in boosting performance. So, If you simply ask me to go with it or not, then I will suggest to try it. Just by reading a review article like this, you will never what’s true inside. So, it’s better to try it by yourself on your phone and see if it fulfill your needs.

And according to my experience, it will stun you with its minimal functions and quality. You will be able to also cut off some regular apps like App lock and Phone Performance Booster. It has two essential apps which are really great.

Hopefully, you liked this review article on HiOS launcher? If so, share this article with your friends and let them know about HiOS launcher. I’ll see you in the next similar one.