Improve the use of Chromecast with your voice: sync Netflix or HBO accounts

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One of the options that exist when using Google Chromecast players is to use the voice of the Mountain View company assistant (who acts as a gateway) with your voice. Well, there is a way to get more out of this option: link content services.

We talk about platforms that allow access to movies or series and also to music databases. Therefore, we refer to options such as Netflix; HBO; and even Spotify. There are quite a few that meet the requirements that Google asks to be usable from its assistant and, by extension, with the voice when using its Chromecast media player. And this is what we will explain how to get it.

Requirements to be able to link with Chromecast

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Well, there really are not many, and you always have to be clear that it is used in the same Google profile in which both the smartphones and the smart speakers of the Mountain View firm are registered. Obviously, it is necessary to have an account in the corresponding services and the application itself in the terminal in question (otherwise, it is impossible to perform the steps).

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In addition, you must have the Google Home application installed, which is what allows you to configure everything that has to do with the configuration of Chromecast players

 (we leave the download link after this paragraph). If everything we have indicated is fulfilled, no problem will be found when synchronizing and, by extension, it improves the use of the device we are talking about.

Download Google Home

Steps to add synchronized services in Google Chromecast

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Open the Home application that we talked about earlier and check that the synchronization between the player and the player is active. If this is the case, look for an icon in the upper part of the Home screen that is called 

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Settings and is represented by a circular gear. A new interface appears in which you have to choose the option Accounts of linked multimedia platforms. You must select it.

You will then see a list with the ones you have installed and registered in the terminal – and that can be used in Google Chromecast as playback options by executing voice commands with the assistant. To add any, you simply have to use the “ + ” symbol on the right; Accept the messages that appear on the screen and, when this is over, everything will be effective. Quick and easy, right?

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