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Have you ever wished you could copy something on your computer and paste it on another? Well, with synced clipboard this has become possible. Synced clipboards are becoming common between computers – a macOS Sierra clipboard can be synced with an iOS clipboard, for example, without using any third party software. With Pushbullet, you can sync your Windows 10 clipboard to Android (along with other extra features too).

If the devices whose clipboard you want to sync are a Windows 10 system and a macOS system, you have one main option which is 1Clipboard.


1Clipboard is a free application which uses your Google Drive account to sync your clipboard between macOS and Windows devices. It also provides you with your clipboard history on either device. So if you a kind of person who switches between computers a lot.

Setting Up 1Clipboard

First, go to the 1Clipboard website and download the version which matches your operating system. For now, only Windows and macOS versions have been made available. To install the program on Windows, you will need to launch the EXE installer while if you are on macOS, you just need to do the usual drag and drop dance on your device.

Regardless of which operating system you are on, the process isn’t very complicated.
The first thing you will be asked is whether or not you want to sync your clipboard—if you do not sync your clipboard, anything copied to your clipboard will be saved locally on your PC instead. So since we want to sync, go ahead and click the option which says “Sign into Google.”

Sign into your Google account—1Clipboard only requests permission to manage its configuration, as such, all your other data is secure.To sync other computers too, repeat the steps for the first one and make sure that the same Google account is used on all devices you want to sync.

Using Your Newly Synced Clipboard


When you are done setting up 1Clipboard on all your computers, try testing it by copying something on one computer and head over to the other computer to see if it has appeared on its clipboard. If it did, you are all done, but if it didn’t, you should check maybe you did something wrong or if there is internet connection available on the computer.You can also go through your clipboard history by clicking the icon in the menu bar on macOS and the system tray on Windows.

In the clipboard history, you can click anything to send it to the clipboard instantly.You can also add copied items to your favourites by starring them for future reference. If you want to check copied items which you have started, click the start in the sidebar at the left side of the screen.

The app also has a search functionality feature which you can use to search through your clipboard. With this, you can find something you copied maybe a few days ago.


The fourth button which has three dots enables you to make a few changes in the settings.
Here, you can disable your clipboard history, switch from one Google account to another or even sign out. If you want to view more settings, click the “Preferences” option.

From here, you can choose if you want 1Clipboard to start as soon as the computer does, you can also set up a keyboard shortcut to open your clipboard history.

Well, that’s as many functions as 1Clipboard can perform, at least for now. The app is an excellent way to make sure things you copy to your clipboard are never lost. It is also the best way to sync your clipboard between macOS and Windows systems.