Surprise movie breaks Avengers: Endgame record! How?

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Over the years, Marvel has been carrying out the biggest cinema project worldwide. Since practically all of his films that end up released in theaters or on streaming platforms are a really huge success among the various fans. Let it be said by Avengers: Endgame, which at the time it was released broke the record for the highest box office profit. Leaving behind the well-known avatar film.

So it looks like the Avengers: Endgame record ended up breaking very quickly. Something that we sincerely did not expect to happen at least during the next few years, taking into account the COVID-19 pandemic that we are experiencing. However, there is a new film that surpassed the box office profits. All this happened in China.

Surprise movie breaks Avengers: Endgame record! But how?

Therefore, at a time when the pandemic appears to be minimally controlled in China. There are already several cities free of COVID-19, according to local experts. It would be expected that commerce would return to normal, as well as movie theaters. With all the usual audience records in several films.

Thus, things could not have started in the best way. The new film called

Detective Chinatown 3 has delighted many people. So far having total box office revenue only at its debut of approximately $ 398 million. 41 million more than the best result obtained by the Marvel film.
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Detective Chinatown
Detective Chinatown

In short, despite the records ending up broken in different poles. Once Avengers: Endgame achieved his feat in the U.S. and Detective Chinatown 3 succeeded in China. They are still records that should be broken whenever possible. After all, this is a sign that things are improving over time and that is a good thing.

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