Spotify Poised to Take on Apple with Podcast Subscription


Paying for podcasts is becoming a big deal on the internet, and for now, Spotify wants to take things to a new level. The company plans to offer podcast subscriptions from next week forward.

This Spotify move is coming when Apple just unveiled new subscription options for its podcast creators. Apple is enabling listeners to pay a regular fee for bonus content and early access. Positive feedback claims that Spotify is on the way to imitating exactly what Apple is doing.

The Wall Street Journal has already published information about the latest trends regarding paid podcasts. Other sources are clarifying that the move could begin as early as next week, that is, in a few days.

Podcasts Apple
Podcasts Apple

Apple plans a model that will enable subscriptions for users’ favorite podcasts to enable the podcast creators to do their best at satisfying the need of their teeming listeners. That means they have to step up in producing content with extra goodness that will attract listeners and make them want to pay for such content.

On the other hand, Spotify will not take cuts from the cash earned by creators, while Apple will take off at least 15 -30 percent of subscriptions on its platforms. Apple already does something like that on the App Store.

Because Spotify will not take any cuts from creators’ podcast earnings, and because its userbase has about 345 million users and is available on Android PlayStore, it could be the winner here. However, Apple is also standing to take its own share of the market. But Spotify is likely to get its podcasts to more people.

Not much is known about Spotify’s plans for paid subscriptions yet. However, it is apparent that podcast creators will be able to sign up on both platforms if they want. The good thing is that Apple’s platforms will launch in May.


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