Spotify launches Niche Mixes, a personalized music playlists

Spotify, a leading audio streaming service, has announced the availability of a new series of Spotify Mixes called ‘Niche Mixes’. It’s a series of personalized playlists for each user that combine “everything our Mixes offer in a playful way”,  according to the description provided by Spotify.

Spotify Niche Mixes is a feature of the Spotify music streaming platform that uses machine learning algorithms to curate playlists based on the user’s listening habits and preferences. These playlists are tailored to specific niche genres or subgenres that the user may be interested in, but may not have discovered yet.

For example, if a user frequently listens to indie rock music, Spotify Niche Mixes may create a playlist that focuses specifically on emerging indie rock artists from a particular region or subgenre, providing the user with a more personalized listening experience.

Spotify Niche Mixes are updated regularly to ensure that users are exposed to new and relevant content, and the feature can be accessed through the “Search” tab on the Spotify app or website. The feature is particularly useful for users who are looking to discover new music and expand their musical horizons beyond the most popular or mainstream genres.

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All Spotify users, both with Free and Premium plans, can find the new Niche Mixes playlists (a name that literally translates into ‘niche mix‘) within the ‘Create for You’ section accessible from the ‘Search’ tab in Spotify. Scrolling down the ‘Made for You’ page you can find the new category ‘Your Niche Mixes’ after the categories ‘Just for us’, ‘Your mixes by artist’, ‘Your mixes by decade’, Favorite mixes for your every mood ‘ and first in the categories ‘Your daily dose of music and news’, ‘Uniquely for you’, ‘Your Daily Mixes’ and ‘Discover new music’. Please note that the exact location may change for each user. In the image below you can see how the ‘Your Niche Mixes’ category is presented in our Spotify Free account. 

spotify niche mixes
Spotify Introduces ‘Niche Mixes’ Playlist Series

Spotify has reported that within the new ‘Your Niche Mixes’ category, users can find anywhere from 5 to 10 playlists created by its algorithm with songs it assumes they’ll like. Alternatively, you can search for a specific genre, a specific activity, or a specific vibe by adding the term ‘Mixes’ to discover ever new mixes via the built-in search engine.

The purpose of these ‘niche mixes’ is to make available customized playlists suitable for moments, activities, moods, and much more you can think of. While available worldwide, the ‘Niche Mixes’ series is currently offered in English, therefore also the searches that are carried out to find playlists of this type must contain terms in English. At the moment we don’t know if Spotify plans to translate this series of Mixes into other languages ​​as well, presumably it will depend on how popular they become. 

For example, within the ‘Your Niche Mixes’ category in our Spotify Free account, we found the custom playlists ‘Anime Mix‘, ‘Musicals Mix‘, ‘Alternative Pop Mix‘, ‘Sunday Mix‘, ‘Traditional Irish mix‘, ‘Pop Country Mix‘, ‘Focus Mix‘, ‘Gothic Rock Mix‘ and more.

Playlists from the new ‘Niche Mixes’ series can also be favorited, so they can be easily accessed later from your personal library.

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The ‘Niche Mixes’ series of playlists joins the many other playlists that Spotify’s algorithm creates for each user by combining recent and past listens with suggestions of new songs to listen to. These recommendations are based on personal tastes, so the algorithm takes into account your favorite songs, genres, and artists as well as past listening. All these playlists are accessible in ‘Search’ > ‘Made For You’.

With personalized playlists, Spotify wants to make it possible for its users to listen to the right music at the right time, regardless of the moment or the activity they are doing. To promote the main series of mixes available on the platform, Spotify has created and shared the video that can be seen in the player below. 

Spotify features Mix playlists for every moment

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