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We all love music, or at least most of us do! Enjoying the best sound is one of the most sought after pleasures of life, so much that we even pay to listen to our favorite musician, group, or band merely is ecstatic. That is why to bring this wonder to our homes we can have sound gadgets, which provides us with a premium sound but can be very expensive apart from the large space-covering ones and thus loses versatility to move wherever we want, in view of all this is an answer to all Music Speaker with excellent sound, easy to move and much cheaper. The Anker is a great connoisseur of this subject since it has many of these products. The Anker Bluetooth Speaker is a perfect example of its quality and for today we will deal with a new member of this family, the Anker Soundcore Motion Q waterproof Speaker. Stay with us to know everything it has to offer in this in-depth review.

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Over time I have examined many big speakers, very small speakers, very large Bluetooth speakers, and even wireless waterproof speakers almost unknown to some markets. It seems that no matter where you look, Bluetooth speakers continue to dominate the market. There are many Bluetooth speakers.

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This portable Anker’s Bluetooth device is a great travel companion for any audiophile, given the sound quality of this Soundcore Motion Q of Anker. In this Soundcore Motion Q review, I will talk about my experience with this Anker speaker that is so similar to the miniature version of Apple’s most famous HomePod.

Anker Soundcore Motion Q Speaker- Box

The Soundcore Motion Q Speaker comes in a white box that makes it look exquisite. Within it we have:

  • 1x Soundcore Motion Q Speaker
  • 1x Micro USB cable
  • 1x Strap
  • 1x Support & Saftey card
  • 1x User’s Manual in 10 different languages

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Technical sheet and specifications

  • Product dimensions- 8.9 x 8.9 x 10.7 cm
  • Weight- 408 g
  • Bluetooth version- 4.2
  • Signal range- 20 meters
  • Output power- 16 Watts (8 W x 2), THD (total harmonic distortion) <= 1%
  • THD (total harmonic distortion)- <= 1%
  • Supports A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, and SBC decoding
  • 360 ° sound
  • BassUp technology
  • Waterproofing- IPX7 certification
  • True Wireless Pairing pairing
  • Battery life- 10 hours
  • Charging time- 3.5 hours
  • Charging Mode- Micro USB 5V / 1A
  • Integrated microphone- yes

Anker Soundcore Motion Q Speaker- Design

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One of the most beautiful things about this Soundcore Motion Q Speaker is certainly its appearance. The Soundcore Motion Q Speaker has a relatively cylindrical round design, since it does not end up being seen as such but it stands out for the pure black color that it has, making it look extremely premium, although we must emphasize that it is the only color that we will have, but with some luck in the future we can choose more colors. It is made of woven fabric wrapped around it, which is highly resistant against dust and scratches unlike plastics, and also good for easy gripping.

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At first glance, it looks like the mini version of a HomePod, the same cylindrical shape and woven fabric along the sides that cover the speakers. However, there are differences, and they mainly concern the upper part of the device. Here are all the useful function buttons to control the Soundcore Motion Q; volume up/down, Bluetooth activation button, power on, and play/pause. There is also a microphone in the lower front. At the rear, there is space for the hook where to fasten the strap that came with it and the charging port and AUX connectors — overall, it has a modern and elegant design, suitable for all environments and of excellent craft.

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At the top, just under the power function button, you will find a small three-colour LED light, and at the bottom comes the name and other information of the portable speaker. What most impresses us about the Soundcore Motion Q Speaker is the simplicity of its design and the fact that it is water-resistant. What caught us by surprise, is that at the top of the unit are the controls, this being one of the most minimalist places to have all the controls of a mini speaker. Although this is new for us, its use is very simple.

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Anker Soundcore Motion Q Speaker- Features

To start with, when you press and hold down the top power button of the device, it turns on the speaker or interrupts the current track if you are already listening to music. The (-) and (+) signs at the top serve as the volume control buttons, and also, there is the play/pause button and dedicated Bluetooth button that makes the whole unit feels incredibly well made and fun to use. When switched on, the device won’t automatically jump to pairing mode, you will need the dedicated Bluetooth button to pair a new device.

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The size of the speaker is actually very compact. It is compact enough to cover it with the two palms of your hand. The construction quality of the speaker is stellar, all its functions being perfect.

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The Soundcore Motion Q Speaker has unique features that allow it to stand out among other products of the same class, so it will be a wonder for lovers of Anker.

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Now let’s see all the features that distinguish this little guy from other portable speakers. As already mentioned, the Anker Soundcore Motion Q is equipped with 360-degree audio, which means that the diffusion will occur in every direction and not only frontally like most speakers. To create this result, Anker has included two 1.75 full range and two passive drivers with 8W power each.

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Indeed the audio is very powerful to escape from such a small speaker, the highs are faithfully reproduced and seem very balanced, however, despite the fact that the company is careful to specify the presence of BassUP technology which in theory should also ensure optimal bass performance, I did not notice all this power in this respect. Don’t get me wrong, the basses are widely present and well balanced but given the category of this product, I would have expected something more substantial and intense in this respect. Among other features, we find a battery that guarantees listening for up to 9 hours of non-stop music and IPX7 certification which guarantees its impermeability and resistance to water and dust. Thanks to the integrated microphone, in addition to listening to music, you can make and receive calls by speaking directly to the speaker connected to a smartphone.

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Anker Soundcore Motion Q Speaker- Sound Quality

Anker products are known for their top-notch quality and the same applies to the Soundcore Motion Q Speaker. This small practical cylindrical device produces enough sound to give a tough competition to a large number of portable speakers that are on the market today. It is loud enough to keep everyone in the room in tune with the music, but being noisy is not enough. We hope that a speaker that works through Bluetooth does much more, and we must say that this small device has managed to surprise us.

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Pairing the Soundcore Motion Q Speaker with your Smartphone is a simple matter, simply select the speaker (Soundcore Motion Q) in the Bluetooth menu of your phone, it should not be very difficult to find out what the device is. On the other hand, the quality of the sound output is impressive, taking into account the super compact size factor of the speaker. Therefore, in addition to its ruggedness, the output of the sound is good and clear. However, the bass, although quite decent, is not as good as expected from a speaker.

Soundcore Motion Q Speaker Photos:


By calculating the mid-range in which this Soundcore Motion Q Speaker of Anker is located and knowing the quality of the company, I did not expect anything less from this little guy. Excellent build quality and materials used, well balanced and crystal clear sound. The only flaw, in my opinion, is the low, in my personal taste too little incisive but still enjoyable and present. It is convenient with the strap to hang it and carry it around more easily, I also liked the IPX7 certification, which will allow me to take it even on the beach or in the pool without problems. It is light enough to carry from one place to another and looks elegant enough to fit into a corporate office. The Anker Motion Q Bluetooth speaker is a great life companion for any audiophile.

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  • Modern design
  • Sturdy materials
  • Excellent resistance to water and dust
  • Well balanced audio
  • Good battery life


  • Shallow bass
  • Price slightly above average
  • No AUX cable

Soundcore Motion Q Speaker: Price

The Soundcore Motion Q Speaker can be purchased on AnkerNigeria or OandOgadgets website for a price of $44.9 (N16,150 in Naira) at 5% off by using this coupon code- ANKERTL at checkout. All Anker products also benefit from this discount with the same coupon code and free shipping. You can buy the speaker from the link below.

Buy | Soundcore Motion Q speaker

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The Soundcore Motion Q speaker is available on Amazon for € 44.9 and you can buy it from the following LINK.

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