Sony’s SRS-XB13 Portable Wireless Speaker Excellent in Sound & Design


The problem with most wireless speakers is the lack of producing great sound but the Sony’s XB13 does better in this regard.

Newly launched by Sony, the XB13 portable wireless speaker is good in three ways, which we shall take a look at below. Users have commended Sony for manufacturing a gadget that wins on sound quality, design, and ease of use.

Overview of XB13 Extra Bass Portable Wireless Speaker

This portable compact wireless speaker is waterproof (IP67) equipped with Bluetooth, it is basically of one color – black. It gives out the deep, punchy sounds that music lovers will enjoy. The ability of the speaker in resisting water and dust damaging effects is amazing. Coupled with that, there’s an extra speaker for stereo sound.

Special Features of the Speaker

Sony ensures that this miniature speaker is able to give off surround sound. SRS-XB13 includes a specially engineered strap. Therefore, anyone in any kind of vocation can travel far and wide with this gadget. As Sony revealed, here is a small speaker that packs in lots of power.

Sony Srs Xb13 1
Sony Srs Xb13 1

For the Extra Bass to really effective, the radiator works to enhance the low-end tones, and that in turn gives the bass a good boost. You can take the speaker outside where the air can the sound more effectively. Don’t worry what the rain and dust can do, for the speaker is as good inside as it is outside. Users have found that the wireless speaker is good for when you’re out swimming, by the park, or with friends at the picnic.

Part of the features includes the USB Type-C ports. They provide convenient connectivity. Furthermore, using this speaker means your hands can be free to do anything. For example, if you need to make or receive a call, there’s a built-in mic that lets you take your calls hands-free through the speaker.

For those who believe they need even bigger sound, they connect an extra speaker of the same type. Connecting two SRS-XB13 speakers provides an amazing stereo sound that can spread even farther.

The Bluetooth Connection when combined with Google’s Fast Pair technology is able to make the wireless connection possible without the complex setup for wired speakers. The user can connect Android smartphones, tablets, and other devices in a matter of seconds without any hassles. Once the user turns up the speaker, the device will give a prompt for connection.

Sony Srs Xb13
Sony Srs Xb13


The feedback seen on Sony’s website shows that the SRS-XB13 wireless speaker has all-around good reviews. The sound quality is excellent, the features, design, and ease of use are favorable to buyers.

Sound Capabilities

This compact wireless speaker is able to produce good sound because of the sound diffusion processor for enhanced beats and a wider sound spread. There are long hours of battery which means that the user doesn’t need to worry once it is fully charged.

Price Range

Sony’s XB13 Extra Bass Portable Wireless Speaker price range is from $58 as can be seen on Amazon. It is possible that the price could vary from one seller to another.


  • Long battery life
  • Speaker add function
  • Dust and water proof
  • Removable color-matching strap
  • Built-in mic


  • No live sound mode
  • Not equipped for lighting
  • Apps are not applicable

SRS-XB13 Specifications

  • Speaker Size: 46 mm
  • Battery Life: 16 hrs
  • Input & Output Terminals
  • USB Type-C
  • Frequency: 20 Hz-20,000 Hz (Sampling Frequency 441 kHz)


The big deal about Sony SRS-XB13 wireless speaker is that although it is small, it performs to the required expectations. It is so small that it can fit in any small pocket or even a cupholder. You can strap it with you as go anywhere or do any work. The product was released in May 2021.

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