Sony SRS-RA3000 – Automatic Bluetooth Speaker with Wi-Fi


This Sony SRS-RA3000 audio speaker is part of the company’s 360 Reality Audio technology. This is a unique product and it is different from others in the same category. Together with Audio Enhancement, and tons of connectivity options, the gadget really makes sense, especially when the price is also factored in.

Sony has made strides in the production of the Sony SRS-RA3000 by making sure it is an item that offers room-encompassing sound technology. This technology fills the entire room with ambient sound, bouncing from floor to ceiling.

Sony SRS-RA3000 Design

This is a formidable one, being almost 10 inches tall and weighing a whopping 2.5 kilograms. That means for someone looking for a portable speaker, this is not for them. It is better situated in a place and not carried from place to place. It could easily fill a large room with quality sound. It works automatically to lower the sound when it is situated in a smaller space, so the noise doesn’t become too complicated for those in the room.


It looks beautiful with a fabric finish that contrasts against copper-colored grilles. The speaker is sturdy and can last long in use because it can resist humidity, although there’s no official IP rating for this product. For this reason, users may not bring it to places where water can touch or affect components negatively.

Sony Srs Ra3000
Sony Srs Ra3000

Salient Features of Sony SRS-RA3000

The fine thing about this speaker is the 260 Reality Audio technology that is able to play supported tracks. It also incorporated three-dimensional sound location data to deliver room-filling, immersive audio.

Since the feature is prepaid, many people avoid using this feature. The best you can do is to try the 30-day free trial to see how it works for you. However, it is good to know that the 360 Reality Audio is a big selling feature of this speaker.

Sony Srs Ra3000 1
Sony Srs Ra3000

Connectivity Features

There are several controls on the top of the speaker. For example, you have controls such as pause or play music, increase or decrease volume, power on or off. The user can connect through Bluetooth, Audio in (AUX input), and Wi-Fi.


The Immersive Audio Enhancement button can change the sound profile of the speaker, giving it an immersive sonic experience. There is also an audio-in jack and power jack.

To connect, make use of your smartphone, or tablet, connect via Bluetooth, or use Wi-Fi to connect and stream music which can be obtained from Chromecast which comes with the speaker. Alternatively, you could connect the Sony SRS-RA3000 speaker to a Sony Bravia TV via Bluetooth.

Sony Srs Ra3000 2
Sony Srs Ra3000

Sony SRS-RA3000 Specs

  • Brand- Sony
  • Type- Bluetooth speaker with Wi-Fi
  • Connectivity- Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wired, and Chromecast Built-in
  • Color- Black
  • Dimensions- 8.63 x 8.56 x 15.19 inches

Sony SRS-RA3000 Price & Launch Date

The price of the Sony SRS-RA3000 Wi-Fi speaker price hovers around $298 which is simply the price of the speaker, minus the shipping and import fees.


The Sony SRS-RA3000 Wi-Fi speaker presents what buyers are enjoying most now; Sony’s new 360 Reality Audio technology. It gives their homes the kind of sound that most people will be comfortable with. In fact, it offers a new level of immersion not experienced before.

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