Some Facebook Users will now Monetize Their Short Videos


Facebook is making it easier for users on its platform to make money in 2021. If you post short videos, you could be in line to earn some cash off some of your eligible videos provided viewers watch an ad that shows up after 30 seconds into the video play.

Earlier, users were permitted to earn revenue through in-stream ads on long videos. The videos have to be longer than three minutes to be eligible. Ads are usually flashed after the viewer has watched for about a minute.

But at this time, ads for videos longer than three minutes can now appear after 45 seconds have passed since the viewer started watching. It is a new feature for those who are qualified to earn from their videos, especially the ones longer than three minutes.

Facebook On Covid
Facebook On Covid

The in-stream ads began in 2017, and they allowed Facebook creators to earn from videos seen in the Watch section. That included on-demand and live videos. Facebook thought at that time that such a move will help creators get more visibility, and it will also enhance engagement.

Facebook was selecting users who were older than 18 years, and who had over 10,000 followers, 600,000 total minutes from the videos viewed. In addition to that, the creator must have five or more active video uploads or live videos. If a creator is not able to measure up. He or she would have to work harder. It seems that Facebook isn’t ready to allow just about anybody into that yet.

Experts say that Facebook’s move to promote short videos is an attempt at benefitting Instagram Reels. This is Facebook’s version of TikTok. Once everything is set, Facebook hopes that Reels from Instagram will be shared on Facebook as well. Facebook will earn 45 percent of ad revenue earned by its creators.


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