Solar Fountain Pump With 7 Nozzles, LED Lights


EJOY got you covered if you’re looking for something a little unusual when it comes to fountain pumps. There’s the dual power source to it, which amazes some buyers. This is a good product which has several advantages that makes the owners love it. You probably want something more than a water sprayer. If you’re looking for the latest tech regarding fountain pump gadgets, here is the ideal.


Here’s a solar fountain pump for birdbath with LED lights, 3W solar birdbath fountains with 7 nozzles, solar-powered when it works for the garden pond. That’s how to describe it in one breath.

It is worth your time to take another look at the LED lights, the self-protection technology, the seven different types of water nozzles, the fixing device, and multiple applications, which we shall examine briefly in the review.

EJOY Solar Fountain Pump LED Lights

There’s nothing much to the LED lights than for people to know the fountain pump is working in the night, someone may say. Maybe they’re right but one thing is certain; it adds beauty to the gadget at night and even during the day. The LED lights make your garden look more beautiful. It makes sense that the lights are LED so they can last longer. If the pump battery is full, the light can work automatically for four hours.

Solar Fountain Pump 1
Solar Fountain Pump

Self-Protection Tech

There’s a water shortage protection technology in the Solar Fountain Pump. Once the solar water fountain leaves the water surface, the birdbath fountain will stop operating. The solar fountain pump has a filter system that allows it to block dirt, dust, and allowing it to work for a longer period of time.


The Seven Nozzles

The various nozzles mean they can meet your needs. Once the solar panel detects lights, it starts working automatically, making it more environmentally friendly, and it saves energy. The nozzles can spray water up to 30 and up to 60 cm. Birds are often attracted to rest and bathe, thereby adding more fun to your garden. Try all of the nozzles out so you can know which ones spray just the way you like.

Fixing Device

Solar Fountain Pump
Solar Fountain Pump

The solar-powered pump comes with an anti-collision bar. It can be used for both anti-collision and fixing functions. It can prevent the solar fountain from moving inside the smaller birdbath, so that water won’t spray outside the bath.

Works for Multiple Things

Think of the solar fountain pump as being able to work for bird bath, small pond, pool, fish tank, garden decoration, water circulation for oxygen, and other related things. It makes your garden or pool look attractive to all those who pass by.

Package Contents

Once you receive your package, expect to get the following things: 1 solar fountain with LED lights, eight nozzles, four anti-collision tubes, four buckles, and a manual.

Final Words

Note that your solar fountain pump may not work properly if leaves or other things block the surface. If the water inlet is blocked by anything, it will not work. On a cloudy day, it may not work to optimum percentage, and when the water level is low, don’t expect stellar performance from the fountain.


If everything is well taken care of and you have made sure to properly install the solar fountain pump, you can begin to enjoy the beauty that it will add to your garden.

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