Snap to Release AR Spectacles & Selfie Drone

In the past, Snap, a company known for releasing not-so-accepted spectacles, had made several versions of such that were not altogether successful. Despite that, the company isn’t giving up.

It is reported that this company could launch new smart glasses with built-in displays in May 2021. This new product may be released alongside a selfie drone.

Snap’s next-generation spectacles will be able to layer Snapchat lenses or AR effects onto the surrounding environment without any need for a smartphone camera. The good thing is, those smart glasses are not intended for everyday users. They will serve a good purpose for developers and creators who make Snapchat’s most popular lenses.

Probably, those developers and creators will be able to create new lens-style experiences for the glasses. These may be released broadly into diverse markets in the future.

snap selfie drone
snap selfie drone

Snap may announce the AR Spectacles at its developer conference in May, according to a reliable source. Several companies are thinking about releasing AR wearables. Facebook, Apple, and other tech companies are interested, but Snap could get to it before any of them could.

A new twist to the story is that Snap is now gearing up by working on something it has long desired to achieve. The company has long been trying to build a selfie drone. It invested $20 million in Zero Zero Robotics, a company that made a folding camera drone.

To achieve this, Snap’s engineers are working hard with their tools and getting help from a drone company. It is still unclear when Snap will be done with the work and when they will release the selfie drone.

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