Smartphones – New Android is to cause battery problems


Just under three months ago Android 9 Pie was released, more and more users complain about a much shorter battery life. However, such problems can always be very individual, especially the individual configuration of the device affects the battery. But the latest problems seem to be independent, because some devices only last a few hours with one charge and pull the power out of the battery extremely fast.

A few hours instead of a whole day, so crass the problem should affect the battery life of some devices. Complaints come from users of Pixel devices and other smartphones. In just one hour of standby, the battery can lose up to 20 percentage points, some users report. After some tests, the colleagues could rule out that the intelligent battery is related, the function available from Android 9 Pie probably has no bug.

Shortened battery life – cause unclear

The cause is still unclear, but media apps (YouTube, Spotify, and Co) could be a part of it. Perhaps the conversion of the API level, which now applies in principle to Android apps that are published on Google Play, will help. Google examines the reports, I myself could not find any stark restrictions with the Nokia 7 Plus. It is also hard to see how many users are really affected – but you can check Google threads on the subject.