‘Jelly’ with 2.45-inch display and 8MP camera is the smallest 4G smartphone ever! Check it out.


To start with, I’d ask: How small is/was the smallest smartphone you’ve seen or handled? 5-inch? 6? Was it a 4-incher? What was it sized? Anyway, whatever the size was, or however small you think it was, I bet it is/was in no way to be compared to the “smallness” of the Jelly 4G smartphone.


Jelly is a 2.45 inch display sized smartphone manufactured by Unihertz, a Shanghai-based company. The display is a TFT screen which has a resolution of 240 x 432 pixels. Now it’s perfectly understandable why the resolution is so small, right? Small screen size, small resolution. That explains it.


Jelly 4G smartphone

As of this moment, the Jelly is the smallest (or tiniest – so to speak) 4G device in the smartphone market. The dimensions are 92.3mm (length) by 43mm (width) by 13.3mm (thickness). And as said earlier, the Jelly 4G smartphone has a 2.45-inch display screen. The minuteness of this device is just awing.


Still, that’s not all about the Jelly smartphone. There are still other wowing features. But please don’t let your jaws drop the moment you read that the Jelly 4G smartphone runs on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat operating system.


Jelly 4G smartphone

In addition to this, the Jelly smartphone is equipped with a quad-core processor. The maker of the processor is unknown as of now. There’s no information as to whether the processor was made by MediaTek or Snapdragon or what have you. Despite the unknown maker, one other property of the processor is known – the speed. The speed of the Jelly 4G smartphone processor is clocked at 1.1GHz. Trust me, for its tiny size, this device will run as smooth as you would want it to. Even more.

The Jelly​ 4G Smartphone has a huge 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage space. There’s also a 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM variant of the device – yet another awing feature.


Jelly 4G smartphone

The Jelly smartphone has on board, a huge (and largely unexpected) 8 megapixels primary camera with LED flash on the rear. And on selfie task is a 2MP sensor. Impressive right? I mean I know a couple of 5.5-inch devices with poor 5 megapixels primary​ camera. But a 2.45- incher sporting an 8MP camera? Please comment with an applause emoji? if you’re impressed and also think this deserves an applause.


The battery capacity of the Jelly 4G smartphone is however in conformity with its size – small! A 950mAh battery is what keeps this device up and running. There’s no information as to the number of hours this device can run on a full charge but one thing is certain. It definitely can’t last for long periods. Definitely can’t.



The Jelly 4G smartphone is the kind of device that affirms that you don’t have to be BIG to be a monster. Despite its small size and dimensions, the Jelly smartphone manages to pack giant specs like 8MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, 1.1Ghz Quad-core processor and 4G LTE network capability​. Kudos goes to Unihertz on this one.

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