gearbest online shopping mall review
gearbest online shopping mall review

Gearbest is a fast growing online retail store that sells almost everything you would want to buy. From power banks to phones like Xiaomi, Ulefone, Oukitel and all kinds of electronics. The company is getting stronger by the day and dominating the saturated global online retail business. Gearbest are famous for their customer care skills, making customer’s happiness and satisfaction their first priority.

Lots of Nigerians now shop from Gearbest easily, either in bulk to re-sell to other Nigerians or for personal use. Gearbest are known for their breathtaking discounts on almost all of their products. Unlike most Nigerian online stores that inflates their product’s price before slashing it and call it a ‘discount’. The products on Gearbest are at the lowest price you could ever see them on the Internet.

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What do you want to buy? There’s absolutely nothing you wouldn’t find on Gearbest, from electronics to fashion. You could also see lots of kitchen equipments, home appliances, garden products, health and beauty. The good part is they come at a much cheaper price than on some other online store. They also ship to your location 20 hours after making your order and it gets here after a few days.

On Gearbest you get 100% original items, no fake products, no used products nor refurbished items. Your first try will convince you, and even if you are having any issues, their customer care agents are sweet angels. Buying from Gearbest is like taking a cup of coffee, very easy and hassle free especially from Nigeria. Whenever your item gets lost in transit, just contact their customer care representative and request for a chargeback.

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Who still goes to the market or physical stores to shop? When you can do it smoothly from the comfort of your home without lifting a leg. With Gearbest, you get to buy anything from China and have it delivered to your doorstep using a logistics company. Yes, it’s that easy.

How to Order From Gearbest in Nigeria?

This is as simple as drinking a glass of water after a workout when you follow these simple steps.

1. Register

To buy any product from Gearbest, you need to visit their site ( and register. This won’t take much of your time, the registration process isn’t that long or difficult.

2. Earn Free Points

After completing your registration, you should get at least 50 Gearbestpoints. You can use the points to further slash down a specific product price when ordering.

3. Search

Now its time to look around for the best deals or simply use the search button for what you want.

4. Add To Cart

Found it? Simply add it to Cart and proceed to check-out, you can add the points and codes if applicable.

5. Check-out

While checking out, fill your shipping information and input ‘00176’ in the postal code for Nigeria.

6. Select a Payment Method

You can pay with PayPal or your MasterCard/Visa debit cards. Better still you can easily pay with Interswitch, all from the comfort of your home.

7. Select Shipping Method

First of all, you need to add a shipping insurance to your order to secure your item. If you don’t need the product right away use the Unregistered Airmail, it takes longer and the cheapest. But if you need it right away, use the Expedited shipping which is a little expensive.

8. Wait For Your Order From Gearbest

That’s it! Your order would be shipped in the next 20 hours, and you should get it after two weeks. There is a also 45-day money back guarantee in case you there’s something wrong with the item.

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  1. Thanks for this exposé. But, it would have been great if one could buy products with different foreign currency ? such as Yen or Yuan, assuming it’s also easy to do conversion here in Nigeria.
    But, to think products displayed or bought on Gearbest would be cheaper, I doubt it. There products are sold in Dollars ?, and we know what that means, if we are to convert that to Naira.

    • I think that shouldnt be a serious issue. Because comparing the conversion of same iten sold within Nigeria… Buying from gearbest seems to be a lot cheaper.

      • Ok. So, does that mean I have to have a Dollar ? account or what before I could buy from And, if yes, how do I go about it? Enlighten me, please. Thank you.
        My email ?: [email protected]


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