SHIVR 3D Noise Cancelling Headphones Launches on Kickstarter


SHIVR is created to revolutionize the headphone industry. It is combining high end creative designs with next-gen technology. This headphone does not give many of the pains that people often have after wearing one for a long time.

We all know how the sound pours directly into our ears when we wear a headphone. It is not possible to feel the sound of music echoing through our heads. This may give some of dizziness and discomfort. Though we can really tell how it affects others.


The manufacturer of SHIVR spent three years bringing up the technology that created it. This was done by a inserting gyroscope technology into the headphone design. They were able to provide a revolutionary listening experience by eliminating in-head localization effects.

SHIVR is the first headphone to truly eliminate dizziness although the wearer has it on for a long time. It is built to make sure you have a whole new experience of using a headphone.

It is well tested and has been seen to be able to effectively enhance audio surround sound and sense of space. Thus, it allows the user to accurately sense sound from different sources. Normally, two audio channels only deliver sound from left and right side. However, in real life we identify sounds from various directions, distances and the surrounding environment.

Get to feel real sound mix, as they bounce off walls, floors, and ceilings, giving the wearer of the headphone feel of room size and the materials within.

Gyroscope Technology

Take for example the gyroscope technology in the SHIVR. It is used as an algorithm to achieve the 3D spatial sound. This deconstructs the sounds from different sources and rebuilds them in an environment simulator. This helps in determining directions, distances, and reflected surface data of the sound.

Head tracking technology keeps the sound locked in position no matter what movements the wearer makes with his or her head. As mentioned above, by eliminating the in-head localization effects, the manufacturer is able to provide a revolutionary comfortable listening experience.


In this way, the one wearing it won’t feel dizzy after wearing for a long time. Many active noise cancelling headphones use only a mic to pick up and process ambient noise. However, SHIVR includes both feedforward and feedback mics. In this way, the technology is able to provide a more advanced measurement of sound to provide best noise-free experience for the user in any environment.

SHIVR is well celebrated for three things: Elimination of dizziness after long time wearing of the headphone, immersive audiophile sound, and advanced noise cancellation. No other headphones can do these things better than SHIVR.

SHIVR is not for sale on most electronics of gadget stores online for the moment. But we are seeing more videos of the product pop up on Youtube. Also, some conversations are going on around it online and people are already talking about it.

Find it on Kickstarter on time. As at the writing of this article, SHIVR still got about a month to go on the crowdfunding platform. It will come to an end on December 9, 2018. The pledges there start at $119 USD.


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