Share Data On MTN: How to Transfer MTN MB with Friends


As you already know, MTN’s Gift Data service lets you transfer data from your active data balance to your friends, purchase data for your buddies, and even allows you to request data for your loved ones. This simply means that you can use the service to send and buy data bundles for your mobile device, modems and tabs, whenever you want.

If you are a MTN subscriber like most people are, I bring you good news. The telecommunication company allows all customers on the MTN network to access the Data Gifting service, and the brand is happy to help you share data with those you care about from time to time. To expatiate on this, see How To Share Data On MTN:

Share Data On MTN
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How To Share Data On My MTN Line?

You can access this service on your MTN line by dialling *131*7# on your phone, accessing the myMTN App, sending SMS keyword or dialling direct shortcodes for the several options available.


How Can I Transfer Data On My MTN Line?

This can happen from your existing data balance and your friend/family are allowed to benefit from it whenever you feel generous. To use, just dial *131*Phone number* Data amount# or, text TransferPhone numberData amount to 131.

How Can I Buy Data For A Friend With My MTN Line?

You can buy a particular bundle for the special friends in your lives as well and MTN will only charge from your airtime. To do that, just dial *131*Bundle Activation Code*Beneficiary’s Phone number#

How Can I Request Data From A Friend?

You no longer have to be without data on your phone when you have very rich and giving friends. To request today, just dial *131*7*3#.


How Can I View Pending Data Request On My MTN Line?

To check all your existing requests, dial *131*7*4#.

Share Data On MTN
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More Information About MTN Gift Data Service:

  1. You don’t need any PIN to use the MTN Gift Data service. You just have to enter your beneficiary’s phone number and choose the data plan of your choice that you want to share.
  2. You can transfer 50MB, 100MB, 200MB, and 500MB at a time, but you must have at least 50MB in your data balance after every transfer for it to be successful.
  3. You can only gift data twice on a daily basis.
  4. MTN customers can only send a request for data at most 5 times a day, however, receiving data requests is allowed severally.
  5. There are no additional costs while you gift data, only your data plan will be deducted.

There you go, sharing your MTN data with those in need out of the surplus you have is now very possible. Make someone smile today.

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