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SFR Mail Apk– is an all in one app that let’s user send, manage, receive emails on their Android phone. Have you ever disliked some popular Email apps like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook due glitches in new updates? The most recent and irritating one is you will get late notification of new email messages in Gmail app. And that also leads me too to dislike the Gmail Android app. But SFR Mail is not like Gmail. You will get your email messages as soon as the sender successfully sends it and you have internet access on your phone.

In this article, we will give you where to download the latest SFR Mail Android version and also guide you to install and get started with it. But first, let me little more explain SFR Mail.

What is SFR Mail App?

SFR mail is an Email management service app that provides all the essential features like Email Notification, delete emails, Identify advertisement emails, And of course, enjoy the security SFR Mail (detection of fraudulent e-mails, anti-virus, anti-spam). It provides excellent features and consumes less space compared to other email service apps like Gmail and Mircosoft Outlook.

It comes with only 5.1MB and takes 22Mb space after getting installed in an Android phone. Also, this email app is in the French language, and I don’t guarantee that you will get an option to change the language.


Download SFR Mail Apk Latest Version For Android

Download SFR Mail Apk

So, if you have decided to uninstall Gmail and opt SFR Mail app on your Android phone, then I have good news for you. I’m going to provide you the download link of Latest SFR Mail Apk and also guide you step by step to setup it on your Android. We have uploaded the latest version of SFR Mail Apk on Mediafire website, and you will get the download link below.

But before, let me show you the full file information of this Email management app for Android. Read carefully!

File Information:

  • Name- SFR Mail Apk
  • File Size- 5.13Mb
  • Version- 2.3.1
  • Type- Communication
  • Publisher- SFR
  • Android Required- 4.1 and Up
  • Last Updated- 5 May 2017

Remember the name and file size. If possible, double read them from above so you will remember it clearly. It has become way important because most browser these days promoting Applications. Sometimes, You probably have noticed that you eventually download the wrong file that you wasn’t willing for. Basically, they replace the requested file with the promotion app and take money from the app company for every app download. So, make sure you verify the app before you accept the downloading request. Now, tap on below download button to start the downloading process.

Download SFR Mail (5.13Mb)

How to Download SFR Mail Apk On Your Android Phone?

Chances, you may not be able to see the Download button that placed above visually. Probably due to you are surfing in Text and basic HTML mode to save your Internet data or for surfing fast. In case, you can follow my steps from below to download SFR Mail Apk on your Android:

  1. First, click here to visit the Mediafire Website where the Apk is hosted.
  2. Wait for the Site to get loaded for you completely.
  3. Press on the download button and wait for the server to Send the Apk file to your Browser.
  4. Verify and accept the download request and wait for the Apk file to get downloaded. It will not take much longer time because the file is just 5.13Mb.
  5. Done.

These steps will pretty much help you in downloading SFR Mail Apk on your Android. If you are still facing any error then let me also provide you some advanced downloading tips that will completely avoid mistakes.

Keep In Mind These Important Points While And Before Downloading SFR Mail On Android Device

  • Have free Storage space in your Android Phone at least 40MB. Users complain that they got corrupted Apk file after downloading. But the Case is they didn’t have enough storage space in their phone for that Apk file which results in half file download. And half downloading means corrupted Apk file. Also, when storage space is low for the file but somehow you downloaded it fully and in the end, the Apk installation didn’t happen well. What happens here is, your Android phone has the storage for Downloading the Apk file but when you try to install it, space starts running out. When you install any Apk, it needs free space more than its file size, and when your Phone didn’t have the spaces, Apk installation goes wrong.
  • Don’t do any Task in the Background while Downloading the SFR Mail Apk. Downloading any File in a Good way requires full attention. Means you just have to wait and focus on the Process of Downloading, nothing else. And if you do multi-tasking, downloading may get wrong. Listening to Music in the Background is also a Multi-tasking. So, be aware of that if you want to Download the Apk in a Healthy condition.
  • Use the Latest Google Chrome Browser for Downloading. The browser is your Weapon, and when its get junky, the downloading and surfing get worse even you use Good Internet connection. These days good Browsers are grossly underestimated! Android Users are so fancy today they use cool and good Looking Browser not strong and stable Browser. And that’s why many of them face issues related to downloading, Surfing, and Watching activity. To be strong online, you need a good and strong Android Browser like Google Chrome, Opera Mini, etc.
  • Make sure you have stable and fast Internet Connection access in your Android Phone. A Good Internet connection means stable and decent Downloading speed at least 50Kbps. Speed is important because MediaFire sends downloading particles to Users and when the speed gets low, the chances of File escaping increases which result in half file Downloading. Similarly, when the stability of the Internet connection gets wrong or unstable, the chances of file corruption increases. Both are super important to Download the file correctly.

You will be away from making silly mistakes while downloading the SFR Mail Apk if you just follow the above points. We usually take the downloading process for granted which later realizes. Now, let me also guide you on the installation so you will be able to use it right now on your Android phone.

How to Install SFR Mail Apk On Your Android Phone?

Install SFR Mail Apk

SFR Mail Apk is easy to install in any Android phone and it also doesn’t contain extra data file to place under Android folder to properly run it. So, here is the process to install SFR Mail on Android phone:

  1. First, open the browser and go to the download section OR Open the file manager and go to the download folder of the browser.
  2. Locate SFR Mail Apk and click on it.
  3. Once you click on it, the installer will get opened.
  4. Scroll to the bottom to be able to see the install button. You can also read all the permissions it asks.
  5. Now, tap on the install button and wait for it to completely get installed on your Android phone. Once installed, press the Done button to exit the installer.
  6. Installation complete.

Now, you can use the SFR Mail Apk on your Android. Just open the app drawer and locate the SFR Mail, click on it to launch and then add your Email Address and Password to link your email address and start managing all the emails from there. That’s how you can install and get started with SFR Mail App. Now, Its time to show you some screenshots of it.




For some reasons, if you don’t like the Gmail and Microsoft Outlook email service app then you can go with SFR Mail. Features wise, it has more than any email service app. It has almost all the essential features including security. And a most noticeable thing is it automatically let the user know about the advertisement emails which is a great feature. It shows a pink mark on an Advertisement email and this way user get to know about it.

SFR Mail App also has a big downside, its in the French language. And according to me, there is no setting or option available to change the language in the SFR Mail Android app. But overall, it’s a great Email service Android app.

Hopefully, you liked this article on SFR Mail App? If so, I really appreciate if you share this article with your friends and family. Definitely, share this article to your friends who know the French language because this is really a Good Email service app and your friend literally going to enjoy it. Also, if you still have any question related to this article, you can comment down below. I’ll see you in the next article.

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