How to set up Amazon Echo {2022}


How to set up Amazon EchoHow to set up Alexa / Echo: guide (step by step)

Amazon Echo makes life easier and more comfortable for everyone because with this device you can simply talk. But before you can start using Echo, you need to set it up. The installation is pretty straightforward, but there are a few tips and tricks you should know to get it up and running quickly.

How to set up Alexa/Echo: guide (step by step)

Download the Amazon Alexa app

To get started, download the Amazon Alexa app for your iPhone or Android device. You’ll need it to set up your Amazon Echo, check its settings, and add skills.

How to set up Amazon Echo

With the app installed on your device and the Echo connected to a power source, follow these steps to set up Alexa / Echo: guide (step by step):

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap the menu icon to open the menu.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Set up a new device.
  5. Select the type of device you have: Echo, Echo Plus, Dot, or Echo Tap.
  6. Choose the language you want to use the Echo in from the drop-down menu, then tap Continue.
  7. Tap Connect to Wi-Fi to connect the device to your Wi-Fi network.
  8. Wait for Echo to show an orange light, then tap Continue.
  9. On your smartphone, go to the Wi-Fi settings screen.
  10. On that screen, you should see a network called Amazon-XXX (the exact network name will be different for each device). Connect to that.
  11. When your smartphone is connected to the Wi-Fi network, go back to the Alexa app.
  12. Tap Continue.
  13. Select the Wi-Fi network you want your Echo to connect to by tapping it.
  14. If the Wi-Fi network has a password, enter it, then tap Connect.
  15. Your echo will make a noise and announce that it is ready.
  16. Tap on Continue and that’s it.

How to set up Amazon Echo – Make your Echo Smarter with Skills

Smartphones are useful devices, but anyone who has used one for a while knows that their true power is unlocked when apps are added. The same is true with the Amazon Echo, but you don’t install apps here; add skills or skills.

Skills are what Amazon calls the extra functionality that you can install on the Echo to perform various tasks. Companies release skills to help Echo work with their products. For example, Nest has Echo Skills that allow the device to control its thermostats, while Philips offers a Skill that allows you to turn Hue smart bulbs on and off using Echo. Just like with apps, individual developers or small businesses also offer silly, fun, or useful skills.


Even if you’ve never installed a skill, Echo comes with all kinds of features. But to get the most out of your Echo, you should add some skills.

Amazon Alexa: a complete guide to installing Skills

If you have just purchased an Amazon Echo device and do not know how to make the most of it, today I will explain how to download and activate the Skills. You don’t add skills directly to your Amazon Echo.

This is because the skills are not actually downloaded to the device itself. Rather, the skill is added to your account on Amazon’s servers. So when you start a skill, you are communicating directly with Amazon’s servers via echo. Here’s how to add skills after seeing how to set up Amazon Echo:


  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app.
  2. Tap the menu icon to view the menu options.
  3. Tap Skills & Games.
  4. You can find new skills in much the same way you find apps in an app store – check out feature items on the home page, search for them by name in the search bar, or browse by category by tapping the Category button.
  5. When you’ve found a skill you’re interested in, tap it to find out more. Each skill’s detail page includes suggested phrases for invoking the skill, user reviews, and general information.
  6. If you want to install the skill, tap Enable. (You may be asked to grant permission to certain data from your account.)
  7. When the Enable button changes to Disable Skill, the skill has been added to your account.
  8. To start using the skill, just say some of the suggested phrases shown on the details screen on your device.

How to remove a skill on Echo

If you no longer want to use a skill on your Echo, follow these steps to delete it:

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app.
  2. Tap the menu icon to open the menu.
  3. Tap Skills & Games.
  4. Tap your skills in the top right corner.
  5. Tap the skill you want to remove.
  6. Tap Disable Skills.
  7. In the pop-up window, tap Disable Skills.

Learn more about using Echo

The instructions in this article got your Amazon Echo up and running and even helped you expand its functionality by adding Skills, but that’s just the beginning. The Echo can do many, many more things than listed here. For example, you can make calls using Amazon Alexa, add voice controls to lights, appliances, and more. So have fun. The possibilities are endless.