See 32 free Android apps and games that are for a limited time

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Often, some developers leave their apps and games free in the Play Store. All this as an attempt to attract new users, since many do not want or can not afford an application or game.

Umlix – Icon Pack is one of the applications that are free for Android for a limited time

If you are an Android system user, we have good news. Several apps and games that are paid for are available for free in the Play Store, including daily utility apps, games, or even wallpapers. However, the promotion may end at any time, and they will begin charging again. Run and do not waste time, check below:

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  1. Elite Music Pro
  2. Oneamp Pro – Music Player
  3. Text Viewer
  4. SkanApp hands-free PDF scanner
  5. Bubble Level PRO
  6. Flashlight PRO


  1. Equations: The Math Puzzle Pro
  2. Flow levels
  3. Sticks Legends-Stickman Ninja (Dreamsky)
  4. Zombie Avengers: (Dreamsky) Stickman War Z
  5. Damn Little Town
  6. Infinity Dungeon 2 VIP – Summon girl and Zombie
  7. Maze Planet 3D Pro
  8. Word Games Pro
  9. Cubes
  10. Everybody’s RPG
  11. Timing Hero VIP: Retro Fighting Action RPG
  12. Multiplying Fractions
  13. Equations: The Math Puzzle Pro
  14. Subtraction Math Trainer

Icons and personalization

  1. Tibet 3D Pro
  2. UX Experience S8 – Icon Pack
  3. Vlyaricons – Icon Pack
  4. Ontrax – Icon Pack
  5. Simplicon Icon Pack
  6. Retax – Icon pack
  7. Olix – Icon Pack
  8. Rocsy Square – Icon Pack
  9. Umlix – Icon Pack
  10. Popo – Icon Pack
  11. Ronio – Icon Pack
  12. Walloop Pro Video Live Wallpapers

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