Samsung wants to sell millions of folding smartphones by 2022!


Samsung wants to sell millions of folding smartphones by 2020! – It is very likely that in the very near future when you are in the market looking for your next smartphone, your list has at least 3 or 4 models with a folding screen. At least that is Samsung’s big goal, which after finally launching its Galaxy Fold… It now plans to sell millions of this kind of device next year.

As you may know, the release of Galaxy Fold earlier this year was a real ‘fail’, with several review units screaming after 2 or 3 days. It was a situation that did not go well with Samsung management, nor with fans of the brand.

Still, the South Korean giant still wants to bet heavily on this new market! And to tell the truth, reviews of the revised model of the Galaxy Fold have even been very good. With a number of personalities like the very popular Linus saying it’s a really great machine, and it’s going to be your ‘, daily driver’.

Samsung wants to sell millions of folding smartphones by 2020!

Therefore, with the handset gaining popularity, Samsung’s CEO of the mobile division said it intends to significantly increase sales figures next year. Taking the 500,000 units to be sold by the end of 2019, kicking immediately to the millions from January 2020. But does that make sense? Is it a realistic goal?

Well, if Samsung can launch more models, lowering the price in the process … It is a goal that does not seem that far out of the realm of possibility.

However, it turns out to be interesting that the goal is just ‘millions’, not a more specific number. What is even more curious when we consider that some leaks from the past pointed to the 6 million folding smartphones sold as a goal. (A figure that was already a significant drop from the first 10 million before all the problems.)

In short, it is possible that in addition to a new Galaxy Fold 2, Samsung decides to launch other models, such as the long-awaited folding with the shell type. (As the image above suggests.)

Something that will put aside the idea of ​​having a tablet in your pocket, but will allow consumers to carry a much smaller smartphone in their pocket. In fact, even Motorola is pursuing this design with the new folding RAZR.