Samsung unveils Galaxy A90 specs and strengthens focus on 5G


Samsung unveiled the specifications of the Galaxy A90 and reinforced in an official note the focus of the 5G smartphone. She promises that this will be a high-performance phone, with the Snapdragon 855, and able to bring the 5G to the market at a more affordable price.

The device comes as an intermediary for the company’s family A and was expected early on with a revolving camera like its brother Galaxy A80. Early images indicated that the A90 would not have such a complex and ingenious camera system, which raised initial doubt, but now it is clear. The South Korean wants to lower the cost to offer the 5G as a differential.

That way, the user can use the feature that will be present in much more expensive phones, such as the Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy Note 10 5G.

So far Samsung has revealed that the A90 will come in black and also in white. The rear camera set will be triple, with a 5MP depth sensor and f / 2.2 maximum aperture, the 48MP main and f / 2.0 maximum aperture, an 8MP ultra-wide lens and f / 2.2 maximum aperture. 123º angle. The camera for selfies has 32MP with f / 2.0.

A highlight for the 4500 mAh battery and its 1080×2400 Super AMOLED display in a 6.7 inch Full HD + body. In addition, it will have 6GB / 8GB models with the possibility to expand storage from 6GB to 512GB.

Outside, the A90 arrives on September 4 in South Korea, while in the UK it can be purchased from the 4th, and can be ordered in advance on the 20th. If the arrival in the United States has not even been announced, imagine the forecast to come to Brazil.

The specs are surprising, a 48MP, 5G, Snapdragon 855 camera. According to sources, the price of the phone is likely to be under $ 1300 for the Galaxy S10 5G and is being considered at $ 740, approximately $ 2960.