Samsung Tries To Woo iPhone Users Through ‘iTest’ Website


Samsung is still doing all it can to encourage iPhone users to come and see the other side. Through the new iTest, an iPhone user is able to try a Galaxy device on his or her iPhone.

Once a user visits the iTest website. He or she will get a welcome message telling that the user is really close to sampling the other side. Below the welcome message is a barcode that any iPhone user can scan to begin the new experience of viewing a Samsung Galaxy interface and features on an iPhone.

This new website is basically based in New Zealand, as the top-level domain name ends with NZ. Once a visitor gets to the website, he or she will be prompted to install a web app to the Home screen.

Once that is done, the iPhone user can launch a simulated Galaxy smartphone home screen replete with a range of apps and settings. There is the Galaxy Store, that the user can apply Themes, access the messages and other phone apps.

Samsung Experience Settings
Samsung Experience Settings

There will be simulated phone calls to tell the user about Galaxy features, and there’s also a camera tutorial that walks them through all the available photography options.

There is the possibility of browsing through the Galaxy Wearable app with all of Samsung Galaxy’s accessories. Mind you, there are also features that are inaccessible. You can get the information on those tips that pop up every now and then.

So many apps to see, like the photos, Samsung Kids, and Samsung Health apps. If and where possible, the user can know about the customization features available.

If you are not living in NZ, you can still try iTest out if you want. It is available for anyone on the web, especially those who would love to know how owning a Samsung Phone really looks like.


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