Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Nothing to Boast About Camera Upgrades


If you’re about new and improved camera features for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, you may be disappointed when released.

The team at Samsung has not placed a high priority on this phone when it comes to upgrading camera features. The latest leaks serve to confirm this thought. While analysts are not sure exactly what to think or say about this upcoming device, it appears the camera setup for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may be nothing more than what we have seen in its predecessor, Galaxy Z Fold 2.

As seen in the leak, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, the rear cameras are altogether three, and they will be 12MP + 12MP + 12MP. This matches what was on the device sibling that was released last year. If that is so, there is nothing spectacular in the camera department of Z Fold 3.

Z Fold 3
Z Fold 3

However, when the device is folded or shut, a cover camera points from the second screen. It uses a 10MP Sony IMX374 sensor, which, when we look closely, is the same spec on the previous edition.

A tweet from Tron on Twitter also exemplifies this notion. From that tweet, it appears that the selfie camera is a 16MP shutter. Could it be that the selfie power wields more power than the main camera? Probably, for it is also tipped to be a Sony IMX298 sensor, which is a bit stronger in features than its predecessor.

Camera performance in a new device is one of the few features that buyers are often interested in. If the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 has no major upgrade in the camera department, who cares?

The smartphones from Samsung are reported to offer some of the best performance in a photoshoot. Yet, it is disappointing that the new device will not have a major upgrade in this department.


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