Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 shows itself in the first live photos


It seems that just a few months after the presentation, Samsung really intends to launch a new version of Galaxy Watch Active (Review). The smartwatch has in fact shown itself in photos, largely confirming the first rumors spread in recent days.

The device shown in the photo certainly looks very similar to the Watch Active currently on the market, but at the same time has some differences. First of all, the home button and the back button no longer have the same shape, the second in fact has a more elongated and less rounded shape. Even the heart rate sensor seems to have been revised, but we do not know if the new positioning of the LEDs will turn out to be purely aesthetic or if it will actually improve its functioning.

Samsung would also have thought of an LTE version of Watch Active 2, which we do not exclude may differ outwardly with the presence of a red circle around the home button (hypothesis to be verified). Then there will be different batteries depending on the variant- the Watch Active 2 LTE will be equipped with a 340mAh battery, while the basic model with WiFi should stop at 237mAh.

The smartwatch, which according to rumors will be less sports and smarter, could arrive on the market in two different sizes, that is in the classic 40mm and 44mm, but it is not yet clear if they will present differences in autonomy just like the current Galaxy Watch. And just compared to the models released a year ago now, this Active 2 will also lack the rotating ring.

No information instead on a possible 5G variant. Remaining therefore confirmed (some) of the various models that had been anticipated just over a week ago.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 we remember should be made official in the coming months along with the Note 10, so there will certainly be time to learn more before it even arrives on the market.