Samsung Galaxy S8 Fast Charging Issues (Solved)


Is your Samsung Galaxy S8 Fast Charging not working? If yes then this tutorial is definitely for you.

The fast charging Feature has been a lifesaver. Thanks to fast charging we now spend less time plugged in and more time utilizing our Smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S8 with Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset 835 is equipped with fast battery charging. But when that fast battery charging Feature starts malfunctioning, it will inevitably take longer to Charge. This can be a big issue if you’ve already gotten used to seeing your device charge fast.

This may or may not be a problem from the charging port on your Samsung Galaxy S8. So to make sure that the problem isn’t a software problem but actually a hardware problem just follow the steps below.


Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Fast Charging Not Working Issues

One of the things that may be obstructing the fast battery charging Feature on your Samsung Galaxy S8 might seem that the fast battery charging Feature is turned off. It might be that you mistakenly or unknowingly turned it off or someone else did. Either way, it might be best to check and see if it is turned off or turned on. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Access the Settings Menu.
  • Scroll Down to Battery and Click on it or you can search for “Battery” in the settings menu and Click on it.

  • Select More Options.

  • Click on Advanced Settings.

  • Turn On the Fast Cable/Battery Charging by touching the Slider.

That’s it. Your fast charging should start working no. However, using the fast battery charging Feature all the time isn’t recommended as it kills the battery over time. So if you are not in a hurry to go out or want to plug-in your phone to charge overnight. It might be best to just turn off the fast charging and let it charge at average speed.

Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Fast Charging Still Not Working?


If you’ve turned it on using the steps above and it still isn’t fast charging, then it might be from either the adapter or the USB cable. Both adapter and USB cable has to be able to deliver and transfer respectively the required current needed for the phone to charge fast. If either of them isn’t given enough current, then your Samsung Galaxy S8 will not fast charge.


So make sure you are using an original Samsung Charger or any other charger with the adaptive fast charging compatibility. If not, then that is definitely the problem. You will need to get one as soon as possible if you want to charge your phone fast.


Fast charge is a very essential and integral part of any Smartphone in today’s world so I totally understand how someone might feel when his/her stops fast charging all of a sudden. Furthermore, if your Samsung Galaxy S8 doesn’t charge at all, then you can try cleaning the charging port with a Needle wrapped with a little cotton wool to get rid of dust and other small particles that might have made their way there. Thereby obstructing the flow of electricity.

If that doesn’t work, then take it to a trusted phone technician to get the charging port fixed as it is likely damaged.

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