List of Samsung Galaxy Phones That Will Get Android 12 Updates

Android 12 is on its way and just like the Android 11, most Samsung Galaxy devices will surely get the Android 12 update which will be based on One UI 4.0. Well, not all of them will get that latest update. This is why we have decided to list the Android 12 supported device on Samsung phones. So check out the list of Samsung phones that are eligible to get Android 12.

1. Galaxy Folds Phones

The Samsung Galaxy Folds fall under the flagship category and so far we have the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Fold which has both 4G and 5G models and also the Galaxy Fold Z as well. All phones in the Fold family will surely get the Android 12 Updates. Yes, they are already running on the latest Android 11 OS and when the 12 rolls out they will be available for download.

samsung android 12
samsung android 12

2. Samsung Galaxy Note

Well, not all smartphones in the Note series will get Android 12 updates. Unfortunately, the like of Note 9, Note 8, and Note 7 will not be getting Android 12 updates. The devices that are eligible for the Android 12 update start from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and upward.

3. Samsung Galaxy S Phones

In the Samsung Galaxy S series, we have the Samsung Galaxy S21 as the latest model and the phone comes with the latest Android 11 OS. This means it will surely get an Android 12 update. Apart from the S20 series, there are other models in the same category that will get the Android 12 update. You can see the list below.

4. Samsung Upper Midrange Smartphones

The Samsung phones that fall under the upper midrange category are those premium-looking phones you can buy without breaking your wallet. They include phones such as Samsung S10e S10 lite and many more. You can see the list below.

5. More Samsung Phones to Get Android 12

There are still many Samsung Android phones that will get the Android 12 updates. Some of them include those budget phones that cost below $200.

Samsung Galaxy Tabs to Get Android 12 Updates

samsung galaxy tab s7+
samsung galaxy tab s7+

Apart from Samsung mobile phones, even Samsung tabs will also be getting Android 12 Update.

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