Samsung Galaxy P30/P30+ – 1st With In-Display Fingerprint Reader


The famous tech company, Samsung is reported to be on works putting together the Galaxy P30 and P30+ phones. The P30 and its companion are said to be the first Samsung products to get the in-display fingerprint reader.

Earlier, it was said that the Samsung Galaxy P10 would have it but now, the information is that it will be spotted first in the P30. This information is more reliable because it emanates from Samsung’s stable.

When the Samsung Galaxy P30 (SM-G6200) arrives, its makeup will be similar to that of the recent Galaxy A9 Star. The P30 will arrive with 64GB or 128GB storage and will also be in four different colors – blue, red, pink, and black. Wow! Such beautiful colors.


The Samsung Galaxy P30 will not make use of OLEDs. It will instead make use of LCD display types, and the fingerprint reader will be an optical unit. Reliable sources claim that Samsung will make use of ultrasonic readers for the new Galaxy S flagship. Samsung is well known for its constant use of Super OLEDs, so deciding to use LCD on Galaxy P30 is a departure from the norm.

Since display fingerprint sensor works only on OLED panels till this moment, it makes sense to think that Samsung will find a way around this. It could explore the skills of a Japanese tech company known as JDI. The firm had earlier in 2022 announced its capacitive multi-touch technology which is used in its other liquid crystal displays (LCD).

Noteworthy it is to note that in-display fingerprint readers are not compatible with LCD panels. I believe that Samsung realizes that not everyone warms up to OLED designs, there are those who prefer LCD display.


However, it is hard to guess why Samsung wants to use the in-display fingerprint reader in LCD since OLED technology appears to favor it more because it is thin enough to accommodate it.

We will probably see the P30 launched in China first because in China, many fingerprint scanner smartphones have been released and they do well in the market. In the West, the in-display fingerprint reader phones have not been well accepted. One cannot tell if the release of the Samsung Galaxy P30 will change all that.


Don’t forget that Motorola has recently launched the Moto P30 in the Chinese market. The Moto P30 is an iPhone X look-alike. The question is; is Samsung trying to do the same? Will P30 or P30+ have a notch or not?

If it is true that Samsung plans to release a new in-display fingerprint for a mid-range smartphone in China. It could present some challenge to Chinese competitors even in their own land.

Samsung has revealed the above information on its own website. So it is hard for anyone to take the report with a pinch of salt. The company even goes further as to inform us that we don’t have to wait till 2019. Fans will be able to get the P30 or P30+ with the in-display fingerprint reader soon. It should be out in the month of October!