Samsung Galaxy Note Fold – Samsung’s next big bet?


After a long wait, Samsung Galaxy Fold is being shipped to customers worldwide. However, this company is already looking at the next version of this device. Rumors are already circulating on the Internet and we now know what we can expect from the new device that may well be called Galaxy Note Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Note Fold- Samsung’s next big bet?

A patent application filed by Samsung and detected by the LetsGoDigital website addresses a method for detecting finger gestures and using the S-pen on folding touch screens. However, the patent specifically focuses on portions of the screen that are subject to folding.

This area requires special attention for a few reasons. First, the folding screen area is worse supported by the hinge and other moving parts inside. This makes it more delicate and pressure-sensitive. Second, when it comes to something like the S-Pen, which has a much smaller contact area with the screen compared to the finger, the situation gets even more complicated.

The first situation can be solved with improved materials. Also with a better design. The other requires a more complicated solution.

In the current Galaxy Note, you can easily detect the S Pen. Even when it is slightly above the screen. The screen is flat, so there are no points farther and closer to the pen. With the folding everything changes. On a curved surface, there are closer and further points.

To solve this problem, the device must be able to determine the exact state of the screen.

Whether it is unfolded, folded (outer folds are also supported) or semi-folded and if the S Pen is within the folding area.

Next, the algorithms determine the correct cursor position and more specifically where the S Pen is. Although this seems like a trivial problem to solve, apparently figuring out the correct point from S Pen is so complex that it’s worth patenting the solution.

However, it is interesting to note that the illustrations in this patent show a device with two Z-folding hinges. This is something that was also present in other leaks. The addition of the S Pen to a folding device may be a sign that Samsung can join the two ranges and create a Galaxy Note Fold.