Samsung Galaxy F Can Fold Hundreds of Thousands of Times Without Damaging


Many mysteries have surrounded the Samsung Foldable smartphone called Galaxy F. Now Samsung has finally raised the lid on the way the smartphone works. This new device was created through a new type of technology display called Infinity Flex.

The new device is able to unfold like a book from a smartphone into a tablet form. And that is a good thing for the company is making sure the device is running on a special version of Android created in partnership with Google. The design is especially designed around foldable display designs.

Maybe fans will love to rush this product, and quite possibly the company may not be able to meet up with demands. To debunk all that negative thoughts, the company has come out to assure fans that mass production of the Samsung Galaxy F should be expected in coming months.

Coming months should also mean that we should expect the foldable smartphones to arrive sometime in early 2019. Whether the device itself as a whole will be mass produced, or some parts of it (like the display) will be mass produced, is not clear yet.

Other nagging details that were causing confusions about the Galaxy F are ow clear. These include first official details about the Galaxy F, that this is not its real name and that the real name will be released later.

Further details reveal that the smartphone is much of a clamshell device. Also, there is a regular display on the front that can be used when the smartphone is closed.


However, things look much better when you open the smartphone. The interior of the Samsung Galaxy F opens like a book to provide a 7.3 inches screen, which transformed the phone into a tablet.

The case in which it was kept is square shaped. It is hard for anyone who has not seen it to know just how stunning the device is.

Describing how they came about the folding technology part, a top executive at Samsung said they had invent and use new materials to make a display that can fold and unfold hundreds of thousands of times without breaking or becoming damaged.