Rubies Bank – A 100% Digital Bank with Zero Charges


Are you looking for digital banking? If you answer yes, you in a better place when you bank with Rubies. Plus, you get the advantage of banking with a commercial firm that offers zero charges. Now, that’s something else a lot of people yearn for.

With Rubies Bank, you open an account and do your banking business without ever having to visit a brick-and-mortar bank. Your account number is also personalized so that you could use your mobile phone or any number you feel like using.

Your bank statement comes by email, and all your transaction notifications can be received on your phone SMS center.

There is more to the advantages. Your debit card is delivered by courier, and you don’t have to pay to have one. Your debit card name is also customized, even more so that you could have your nickname on it!


Rubies is a unique experience for those who are not yet banking on its platform. For interbank transactions, users pay less. They pay just 21 Naira instead of 52 Naira that they would have paid otherwise if they make use of traditional banking operations. The 21 naira is the cost for switches; Rubies get nothing from it.

The bank also offers zero maintenance charges, and you can greatly be relieved as the bank won’t deduct and keep deducting as traditional banks do. They always claim that the myriads of charges are for maintenance purposes.

Add to that, Rubies offer a Credit Score that helps customers take a realistic assessment of their financial standing. That’s something that more and more people are making use of these days.

Rubies Cards
Rubies Cards

Another advantage is the iBanker feature which allows just about anyone in town to become a banker of some sort. Yes, you’re free to run your own mini bank. Using your unique link, Rubies pays you when your customer makes a transaction. It is the easiest way for everyone to benefit.

The banking system offers more than traditional banks offer. It has social appeal, and it is available for use by any other financial institutions in the banking, finance, technology, and FINTECH sectors. Rubies uniquely offer banking as one of its services.

How do you get started? You can download the Rubies app here. It works for Android and iOS devices. Once you download it, fund your account using a debit card or through cash deposit.

People love Rubies because it offers free debit cards, and they can earn as independent bankers, it has cheaper transfer rates, zero maintenance charges, and it has no hidden fees.


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