(Review) VW Golf 2021: 46 years of technological evolution!


The German giant Volkswagen’s Golf is undeniably one of the most popular models in the automotive world! After all, we are talking about a vehicle that first arrived on the European market in 1974. It is always one of the most popular and desired ‘hot hatches‘ by enthusiasts. Which turns out to be curious, since its design is almost always an iterative rather than revolutionary evolution.


In fact, it turns out to be curious to realize that the maxim ‘In a winning team does not move ”, has really resulted in VW’s efforts! Since with only slight changes, version after version, the car always surprises in almost all fields.

That said, in order to test one of VW’s new services, We Connect, we were able to test the new VW Golf 2.0 TDI with 150hp, and perhaps more important than motorization, with technology to give and sell. Having said all of that, taking into account that my daily vehicle is a 2010 VW Polo, I was just amazed at the evolution that existed in the automotive world, especially in the realm of Volkswagen.

So, instead of just focusing on the We Connect service, let’s also point to all the big changes that we can find in this recent car from the German giant.

VW Golf 2021: 46 years of technological evolution 

So, here we are going to point out 5 major differences that we can find in the modern car fleet, more specifically in this VW Golf.

After all, it is more than obvious that in the past decade, the automotive industry has changed (and greatly) the way automobiles are built. In fact, we can even say that we have several improvements and advances that most likely would have been impossible a few years ago.

1. Navigation/multimedia systems were a ‘luxury’ option! Today they are the ‘normal’

Vw Golf 2021 Navigation And Multimedia
Vw Golf 2021 Navigation And Multimedia

Any modern car today has a multimedia/navigation system with a large screen and touch support. If you don’t remember, in the past, if you wanted a ‘toy’ like this, you would obviously have to put some money on the table, something like € 2000 or more.

However, the VW Golf does not rely only on the center console, since even the dashboard is completely dominated by a large screen capable of passing all kinds of information to the driver. It is strange to abandon the ‘old people’ speedometers and rev counter, but it is also undeniably sexier.

2. Cars are now easier to drive and are also much safer for drivers (in and out of the car)

Vw Golf 2021 Safety
Vw Golf 2021 Safety

As you may know, the count of airbags in modern cars has skyrocketed, with some models having almost 10 ‘cushions’. However, in this Golf, we find another type of active security features that are always or almost always with a look at what is going on around us.

We are talking about a collision detection system, sensors that only have the mission of understanding whether or not you are leaving the lines of your lane, whether or not your hands are on the steering wheel, sensors for the distance to the car in front, blind spot detection systems, etc… If there was something I felt driving in this car, it was safety, even when I abused the accelerator. (This boy seems to go to 90 km / h when he finally goes to 180)

3. Fuel efficiency

Vw Golf 2021 Fuel Efficiency
Vw Golf 2021 Fuel Efficiency

Like any fan in the automotive world, when they put a new stroller in their hands, we will obviously spread the boy’s wings and finally realize what he is worth in everyday life.

That said, I was incredibly surprised when this VW Golf with almost twice the horsepower of my day-to-day car, and a significantly higher cylinder capacity, did exactly the same fuel consumption as my old and reliable Polo.

You may think that making the same consumption is nothing special, but the truth is that this car goes much further, and I have a heavy foot. Making the exact same consumption is just extraordinary, and proof that VW has been doing a phenomenal job in the energy efficiency of its engines.

In short, fuel economy has evolved well in recent years, accompanied by an increase in the performance of the engine itself.

4. Today, cars know what’s going on around them, and also what’s going on inside the car

The new VW Golf can tell you everything about your specifications. Also offering detailed information about tire pressure, fuel, oil, whether it is open or not, data from the last trip, etc…

In fact, you can even basically talk to your car, when asking to change the music, call someone, or make a route to whatever place you want to visit. Something that in the past was quite an expensive extra.

This experience is now much more complete with We Connect, a very recent service from VW, which has a margin of progression that is simply brutal. At the end of the day, for now, it is able to offer various types of information about the car. Also being able to open or lock it without major problems (you can also sound the horn from your mobile phone to scare your neighbors).

But in the future, VW’s plans are simply grand! After all, it will be possible to update the car software. Make updates to your engine specifications, turn on the AC, start the engine, etc… All from the smartphone. The future is really fantastic inside the VW Golf.


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