How to Remove Checked Items From Google Keep List


There is no denying that it feels great checking off items off your to-do list at the end of the day. Google has an app that allows you to keep a to-do list and also check off items after you have completed them. Even better, the app allows you to do this in a way that gives the same feeling as if you were crossing these items off your list with a red pen. While some people gain motivation from looking at their wins daily, some others see these wins as distractions and instead want to focus only on the tasks that they have before them.

If you have kept a list on Google Keep and it is getting too long, as it often happens when you keep a shopping list, you may want to remove some of the items from the list if you have already checked them. In this guide, we will show you how to remove checked items from your list on Google Keep.

Remove Checked Items From Google Keep on Your Phone


The guide that we have prepared will work for you irrespective of the mobile device you use, Android or iOS. Google has made the Keep app available on both platforms and they have pretty much the same interface. So, follow the steps listed below to delete checked items from your Google Keep list.

  1. First off, go to the Google Keep app and open up the list you would like to remove checked items from.
  2. Once in the list, tap on the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Once the menu comes up, you should the “Delete checked items” option among the options displayed. Tap on it.

You can repeat these steps with other lists you would like to remove checked items from.

And that’s pretty much it! You are now left with a list that looks much better and organized. You can now focus better on the items that are uncompleted on your list.

Remove Checked Items From Your List in Google Keep on Your Computer

Google also has a free Keep app for desktop users. Did you know? Some people use the computer more frequently than they use their phones and as such, prefer to write and organize their notes using their computer. If this is you, then it is very easy for you to remove checked items from your to-do list. All you need to do is follow the steps listed below.

  1. First, open up the Google Keep app on your desktop.

    Open The Google Keep App On Your Desktop
    Open The Google Keep App On Your Desktop
  2. Next, go to the list you would like to remove checked items from.
  3. Once you have opened the list, click the menu button and then select the option that says “Delete checked items”.

And that is pretty much it. Hopefully, this little trick makes it easier for you to keep your to-do lists organized and make you more productive.

What Happens When I Check a Checkbox in Google Keep?

Checking a box in Google Keep is usually only done after you feel you have completed an item on your list unless you checked a box by accident. Once you check a box in Google Keep, the app is signaled to move that item to the bottom of your to-do list. This means that the task is still there. The main difference, however, is that it will no longer be among that tasks that are uncompleted and will help you to focus more on the tasks that you are yet to do.


Just as we have shown above, you can remove items from the list after you have checked them off the list. You can also hide them instead, just by checking them. Doing this will archive those tasks under the Check items, which you can check out by scrolling to the bottom, depending on how long your list is. If you want those items to reappear on the main list, you can simply tap on the arrow sign one more time and they will be returned to your to-do list.

Can I Uncheck All Items in Google Keep?

Yes, you can. If you no longer want checkboxes on your list but still want to keep the items, you can easily do this by following the steps below:

  1. Open up the Google Keep app and go to the list where you would like to uncheck all items.
  2. Now, open up the menu. You can do this by tapping on the three-dot icon on your mobile device or by clicking the menu button on your computer.
  3. Now, select the “Uncheck all items” option from the menu.

    Select The Uncheck All Items Option
    Select The Uncheck All Items Option

And that is pretty much it. Having this option comes in very handy if you have a list of things that you do daily. With a list like this, there is no point having to create the same list every day if it is the same tasks that will appear on it. Instead, you can simply uncheck all the items on the list and start over every day.

Another useful feature of the Google Keep app is being able to hide the checkboxes. To hide the checkboxes on your lists, you simply need to open up the menu and then select the “Hide checkboxes” option.


How to Get Rid Of CheckLists You Longer Need in Google Keep

Every now and then, it is very healthy to clean up your digital space just as you would with your physical space. There are many benefits that come with decluttering, both for our physical and mental wellbeing. So, set aside some time to go through your notes and lists and delete the ones you think you no longer need. With this small and easy trick, you can boost your productivity and focus more than you could even imagine.

So what is your favorite tool in the Google Keep app? What do you use the app for the most? Share your productivity hacks with us via the comments below.