3 Steps to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Devices without Root

These are the 3 simple steps to recover deleted photos from Android devices without root. Are you looking for your lost or deleted photos or files from your Android devices? Well, this is your lucky day. In this article, I will be showing you 3 simple and easy steps to get all your lost photos and data back on your Android device. Deleting photos might be a daily task especially if you take tons of every day. There are also other ways in which you can lose your precious photos.

Deleting Photos By Accident

Sometimes we might want to edit a particular photo and accidentally delete it. A photo might not actually look great immediately after we take them and we may end up deleting them. But later on, that photo might end up being the best photo we’ve taken all day and suddenly it hits us “the photo is gone“.

System Update

Although this rarely happens, but during an Android system update you may end up losing a few photos. A new Android operating system typically refreshes the old operating system on your device and there’s a slim chance that files or photos can be lost.

Formatting Your SD Card

It’s really annoying getting that pop-up message about a virus in your memory card and you have no choice but to quickly format it. Or maybe the SD Card got filled up and you try to send some photos to your PC or Internal storage and end up looking for the photos.

Phone Broken

Imagine your smartphone/device suddenly got broken and can’t be fixed and all your photos and files are saved on the storage space. Those photos can now be retrieved using the 3 simple steps below.

What To Do When You Delete/Lose Your Photos

If you have lost or deleted your photos, you have to stop using your phone altogether, at least for the time being. If you’ve taken more photos or clicked on some photos, the deleted and lost ones may get permanently overwritten by the new ones. This is because once you delete a photo, its address in the memory automatically changes and if more data (taking other photos) get queued up, you might lose the data to that image.

You should also turn off your wi-fi, Bluetooth, and mobile connection or any operation that involves the sending or receiving of data. Because this might increase the risk of permanent deletion of your lost/deleted photos. Even if it doesn’t overwrite the memory activity of the particular photo or photos, it might be difficult to recover such photos.

However, it won’t be that difficult for dr.fone – Recover. It’s known as the World’s 1st Android smartphone and tablet recovery software. dr.fone is one of the most sought-after recovery tools for Android. With this app, you can easily scan and preview your deleted data (including photos) and then get it back. Even if you have a broken SD Card or phone, dr.fone will recover all your photos like you never deleted.

Does dr.fone Work With Rooted or Unrooted Android Phone?

dr.fone works with both rooted and unrooted devices, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve rooted the phone or not. Whatever the case may be, dr.fone is ready to recover all your lost photos.

Which Devices Work With dr.fone?

dr.fone works with more than 6000 Android devices like Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Sony, Xiaomi and the rest. No matter the Android device or smartphone you’re using, dr.fone is more than capable of recovering all your lost photos and data.

What Other Files Can Be Recovered With dr.fone?

With its achievement of having the highest recovery success rate in the industry, dr.fone recovers more than just photos. With the app, you can recover all your lost messages, notes, contacts, videos, call history, WhatsApp history, documents and lots more.

3 Simple Steps to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Devices

Now, back to the topic. You can follow these simple steps to recover deleted photos from Android devices. But before we proceed, you have to download dr.fone Android app below.

image 1

  • Download dr.fone Android app Here.
  • Download dr.fone iOS app Here.

After downloading the app, you are now ready to recover your lost photos and data.

Step 1 – How To Recover Deleted Photos on Android (Using PC)

  • After downloading the app on your Android device, you need to also install it on your computer.
  • Launch the app on your PC and select the “Recover” feature to start the process of recovering your lost photos.

dr.fone click recover

  • Now, connect the Android device to the computer, but make sure the battery of the device is fully charged or at least half filled.

dr.fone connect device

dr.fone enable usb debugging

  • immediately the Android device is connected to your PC, you’ll see a new photo recovery interface with lots of options.

dr.fone connected device options

  • Select the “Gallery” option and then proceed by clicking “Next” at the bottom right corner. Note – If you’d like to check other files, you can select them all as well.
  • In the next page, you have to choose between scanning for deleted files only or scanning for all files. However, you have to keep in mind that scanning for deleted files takes less time than scanning for all files. You can go ahead and click “Next” to proceed.

dr.fone scan files

  • You will see a “Scanning. Please wait..” notification at the top with a percentage that is obviously increasing. You have to wait it out, with the estimated time displayed as well.


  • When the scanning is complete, you can now see all your files and data. There’s an option above you can toggle to see only “deleted items”.


  • You can click “Gallery” to see all of its files and select all (mark all). Then you can price to tap on the “Recover” tab to save the photos. That’s it, all the photos will be on your PC.

Step 2 – How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android SD Cards

  • When you launch the app on PC, choose “Recover from SD Card”.
  • Then go ahead and connect the Android device to the computer (but make sure the SD Card is in the device). Alternatively, you can remove the SD Card from the Android device and connect it directly to the computer using a card reader.


  • Once it has been connected successfully, click on the “Next” icon to move on.
  • You’ll also be prompted to choose a scan mode like we saw on the first step and then click on the “Next” icon to proceed.


  • It will begin to scan the SD Card with the percentage shown above and the estimated time as well.
  • Once that’s done. You can preview all the photos in the gallery, mark them all and click on “Recover” to save them. That’s it, all the recovered photos will be saved on your personal computer.


Step 3 – How To Recover Photos From A Broken Android Device

  • Simply launch the app on your computer.
  • This time around, you have to choose the “Recover from broken phone” icon at the left.
  • A lot of options will pop-up for you to select, depending on what you want to retrieve. If you need your photos back, then click on “Gallery” and any other option you want. Proceed by clicking “Start”.


  • You’ll be prompted to choose the phone’s current state. It’s either the touch doesn’t work and you can’t access the phone or the screen is black and broken. Select anyone and proceed to the next step.


  • Unfortunately, not all devices are supported for this method. You need to choose the name of the device and model, that is if it’s on the list.


  • After selecting the device, you need to go into Download Mode on that particular device. To go into Download Mode, make sure the phone is powered off, press and hold the volume down + home button + power button, then release your fingers and proceed to press the volume up button.


  • The scanning will begin immediately when it’s in the Download Mode. The details of the device will be displayed, including the serial number.


  • You can now see all the data on the broken Android device. If you want the photos, click on “Gallery” and mark them all, then proceed to hit the “Recover” tab.


These are the 3 simple steps to recover deleted photos from Android devices. If you want to recover deleted photos from Android without PC, then you have to use Google Photos. However, you have recover them within 60 days of deleting them. You can go to the Menu of the app, restore the photos from the Trash folder. Generally, we always recommend you back up all your photos using your device cloud option (like Mi Cloud) or Google Photos.

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