Razer Ifrit – the earphones that combine freedom and audio quality


The global leader in lifestyle gaming smartphone, Razer has launched Razer Ifrit, the earphones designed to offer broadcasters the perfect combination of freedom of movement and audio quality.

Razer Ifrit, perfect for broadcasters

To make the new headsets launched by Razer perfect for the needs of broadcasters is their design. The device is in fact supported by an essential and ergonomic structure, designed to avoid encumbrances and guarantee maximum freedom of movement.

Together with their design is their connectivity: Razer Ifrit will not need many – and uncomfortable – cables, because it will count on a simple single wire connection.

An audio quality not to be underestimated

The Razer Ifrit earphones will be able to guarantee excellent sound quality thanks to their characteristics, perfectly married to the aesthetics.

The first detail concerns the adjustable arm of the unidirectional condenser microphone, which proves to be able to ensure continuous vocal sound quality comparable to that of a desktop or boom microphone.

The device will not only be ideal to get a great sound from mobile, but also from platforms such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with which Ifrit can be connected simply via joypad.

Couple streaming? You will have nothing to fear because Ifrit will support you on these occasions, thanks to Razer USB Audio Enhancer, a USB to analog converter that allows you to connect two earphones to a PC.

Commenting on the launch of the earphones is Min-Liang Tan, co-founder, and CEO of Razer, who said – “Are you transmitting” IRL”, playing, painting, creating cosplay costumes or cooking? Razer Ifrit is the perfect headset to deliver audio to your audience without bulky headphones and microphones that interfere with your movements or what your audience sees. ”

Prices and availability of the earphones

The new Razer Ifrit earphones are currently available at a price of 99.99 euros, even on the official website of the company. On the latter it will also be possible to buy Razer USB Audio Enhancer, available at 24.99 euros. 

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