PS5 vs Xbox: The Xbox Anaconda will be the most powerful console!

Anaconda Xbox will be the most powerful console? – It looks like Sony and Microsoft are about to enter a new war of technical specifications, with next-generation consoles, Xbox Anaconda and PlayStation 5! And apparently, according to some insiders Microsoft, the company responsible for Windows, has the advantage on its side.

However, although one console is more advanced than the other, it does not mean that it is the most powerful. Look at the example of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the PS3 had the innovative and super powerful Cell, but how many studios did they take advantage of in all this power?

After all, the winning console of this generation was the Xbox 360.

But let’s take a look at the conversational images of these Insiders:

So far, all rumors have suggested that the specs on both consoles look pretty much the same. But if Microsoft’s console is more advanced, then something is missing in these leaks.

What, in essence, even makes sense, since in the past Microsoft opted for balanced hardware with the Xbox One. What turned out to be a mistake. Well, it was not just around here that the console failed.

So, with the next generation, Microsoft is planning to launch a console significantly more powerful than its rival?

A console that will most likely be unveiled at E3 2019, with Microsoft taking advantage of Sony’s failure to impress everyone and everything with its new hardware! In addition, the company is also likely to feature the Forza Horizon 8, Halo Infinite, Gears 5, and more.

At price level, it should be around $ 499, very similar to the PlayStation 5. (Although Mark Cerny has already said that the price may be higher than expected.)

Thus, the CPU should be based on the Zen 2 architecture of 7nm, while the GPU should be based on the new Navi architecture, which AMD created only for gaming alone.

Similarly to PS5, there should be support for Ray-Tracing, and backward compatibility with all Xbox games on the market.

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